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History of Ospreys at Loch of the Lowes

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All captures and videos ©Scottish Wildlife Trust/Loch of the Lowes


Arrival dates: Laddie - 21st March   NC0 - 25th March

Three eggs laid: Egg #1 - 11.4.21  Egg #2 - 14.4.21  Egg #3 - 17.4.21

Hatch dates: Chick 1 - 18.5.21 (37 days)  Chick 2 - 20.5.21 (36 days)  Chick 3 - 22.5.21 (35 days)

25.5.21 - Third chick passed away  

22.6.21 - Chicks ringed: #1 - LR1 (female)  #2 - LR2 (male) 

Ringing Blog >>>  Meet our newly ringed osprey chicks - LR1 and LR2


Last month, we saw all three chicks hatch but unfortunately, the third one very sadly passed away after surviving for just over two full days. Laddie and NC0 continue to nurture their two remaining chicks. Long may the good weather, as well as Laddie’s effective hunting, persist so we can continue to watch these wonderful osplets thrive.

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  • Thank you, Sandra.  I've just had a big shock, finding that we're on the first of the month - and no gremlins  


  • In reply to scylla:

    Good morning all. I can't believe there is no seize up...

    Here's the fish delivery as reported by Scylla. It was a biggie!

    #2 wasn't going to miss out on its breakfish!

    Laddie collected the fish so he could have his first meal of the day

     Laddie brought the remainder of the fish back just after 6:15. The chicks had a top-up


  • In reply to Sandra :

    7:20 NC0 trying to encourage the chicks to have more...!


  • Good Morning SANDRA I have been watching NC0 for some time and thinking to myself what a brilliant mum she has proved herself to be The chicks had obviously been fed and she was left with a small tail end which shestarted feeding from Then #2 noticed and had a few bites as a top up When #2 turned away #1 decided to have some more too and NC0 had the very tail end
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    Morning Patily. NC0 certainly doesn't let the chicks go hungry, so much encouragement from her even when they are too full to eat anymore. She is wonderful! 

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    patily said:
    I have been watching NC0 for some time and thinking to myself what a brilliant mum she has proved herself to be

    I was thinking that while watching her and doiing video yesterday - unrecognisable from the nervous bird we first met 

    I have to do some kitchen work, and for some reason I always feel I ought to tell people when I'm going to be away - probably a hangover from the old DU days - we even got notified when MOFFER went to the loo  

    EDIT - My cam's buffering - it had been showing signs for a while


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    Lol Scylla, I'm sure Moffer will be delighted with that reminder! 

    Yes, cam's been buffering on and off for me too. BFN

  • In reply to Sandra :

    There was a fish delivery and subsequent feed for the chicks at around 12:10