• Looks like Idris has finally disentangled himself from the yellow netting, thank goodness.
  • I couldn't get live stream - kept trying for about ten minutes or so, so I don't know how long it had been down before then. However it is now working, and the yellow netting has gone! Dyfi is suggesting that Idris flew off with it, and returned without it. Ems had been talking to Tony Cross and hadn't noticed LS was down. Tony Cross climbs to the nest to ring the birds...just saying. Whatever...... it's good to know the chicks are safe from entanglement.

    Idris was looking slightly anxious 

    He flew off and Telyn returned to the nest

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    Edit:  two quotes from chat, as far as I can scroll back.

    4:56 PM VivoJust logged back on & scrolled back on both Livestream & Chat ... please DOP has Idris been seen since Livestream cameras went down after he flew off the camera pole perch with the netting ?

    5:03 PM  Emyr Evans​  Looks like the decision not to intervene was the right one DOP!

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  • Great to see thenest without the dreaded netting
  • Idris flew off with a fish and the netting! He went to a trunk on the marsh and ate some fish. He then flew back to the nest and Telyn took the fish to feed the little ones. He then flew with the netting attached up to the camera pole, He stayed there for ages before flying off with the netting. The LS went down with the switch of cameras and Ems did not realise as he was busy talking to Tony . When LS came back Idris was in view and no sign of the dreaded netting to the immense relief of all concerned!!

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  • Thank goodness, that was a disaster waiting to happen, glad to see the back of it, as I am sure everyone else is, not forgetting the Osprey's.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Just hope its not somewhere where other wildlife can get into difficulties
  • Well, it certainly is a great relief that the netting is gone. Apologies for not posting blow by blow comments, but while I was checking occasionally today, I had to go off and do something else several times. Watching Idris sitting on top of the camera pole and pulling at bits of the netting on his feet was definitely stressful. It did look like both feet were stuck in the mesh at that point. Was greatly relieved when he seemed to have extricated one foot. He then moved only about a foot (a third-ish of a m) onto one of the arms where he stood for ages, balanced on the foot entangled in the netting with the other drawn up into his feathers. Before that, I had watched him earlier on the nest when he grabbed the fish along with the corner of the netting, which Telyn had had at least two talons firmly stuck through (eek!) while she was feeding the chicks, and he tried to fly off. But the other end of the netting was caught between two sticks at the edge of the nest. He yanked valiantly several times at the fish/net duo, finally pulling the netting free and he flew off with both fish and netting firmly clutched in his talons. At that time, both chicks were luckily out of harms way, one on each side of the nest, and Idris was pulling at the stuck netting in a perfect direction, well away from Telyn and both chicks, and it was clear at that point that those 3 birds were not in any danger from his trying to remove the fish and net. I could not bear to watch then, concerned that the net might catch on a tree or branch while he was flying with it and possibly leave him hanging upside down and out of reach of rescue (too vivid an imagination here, sorry!) until I saw on coming back to the computer that he had landed on the top of the bush or whatever it was, where he happily ate for some time on the fish while the netting flapped gently in the wind behind him like a tatty flag. Again I had to leave and the next time I checked, there he was as I described at the start of this post, standing on the camera pole with what looked like both feet entangled in the netting. In between, I had missed seeing his return to the nest with both fish and net, but a post on YouTube reported that Telyn had 'pulled the fish out' (of the netting and/or his grasp, presumably, but I did not scroll back to watch the details). As someone (Mike?) said, Idris was there on the camera pole/perch for ages and again I had to go away, hoping that the net would not catch on anything on the camera pole when he finally tried to fly off and again possibly leave him in a nasty position. Coming back again after a bit, I saw that the live stream had stopped only a few minutes after I had stopped viewing. But I was thrilled, after finding the new LS on YouTube, to see a post announcing he had been seen and the netting was gone! It must have dropped off when he was flying. I could not post here earlier 'cuz of having a Zoom meeting late afternoon, then watering plants in the garden, dinner, followed by Springwatch and an old Repair Shop--sorry. Hope there are no more dramas for the next 10 seasons at least, for goodness sake! (Hope (unrealistic!) springs eternal and all that.)

    Kind regards, Ann

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    Gardenbirder said:
    the netting was gone! It must have dropped off when he was flying.

    Let's hope it hasn't dropped where it can harm another creature - vain hope, I dare say.

    DOP posted this welcome sight on their monitoring page (can't remember what it's called now - short-term memory prob):

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  • Good morning all. Yet again we awake to a two minute delay in posting or changing pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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