Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 16 May 2021


I hope everyone has a joyful week!

  • ANNETTE: I've sent you an email.
  • Diane: Thanks for starting us off and am watching to see if the rocket will go tonight. Only another 25 or so minutes for those clouds over Bermuda to disappear. EDIT:  Dang!  It looked promising there for a few minutes.  

    TBoL: Yes! Nice to see you; hope all is well?

  • A lazy day here. Nothing much done. Well, it is a day of rest! I’m sure many of you will welcome the easing of restrictions tomorrow. But please continue to be wary.
  • Just a thought

    We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have. (Frederick Keonig)

  • Thanks, DIANE !
    AQ - It is my eldest daughter who has walked out of her job. Quite out of character, I must say. She is hard working and loyal but things had not been good for a while.
    Middle daughter is feeling a lot better about HER job! The unpleasant character was spoken to and responded by going off sick. This reaction to verbal warnings has happened before...
    Granddaughter in Elgin had a negative PCR test but she and the rest of the class must continue to isolate. And yes, DIBNLIB, they wouldn't have been able to come to Inverness anyway because of the situation with Moray.
    Oh the joys !
  • Good Morning All. Sunday again, and thank you to Diane for starting us off on a new week of chatter.

    Annette, sorry the clouds spoilt your view again.

    AQ - We don't intend to forget the situation, and there seem to be plenty of people here who think "it's all over" as they're fed up with restrictions & instructions. I, for one, will still be keeping my distance.

    Sunny here at present although heavy rain later - we are off to keep Sue company for an hour this morning.
  • LINDY I hope that Sue will enjoy her time in Wales, when she goes. I wish her well in her search for a new canine friend x
  • When we woke at 0600 it was glorious but by 0800 things had clouded over. I think we will be going to walk at the Uni as we have heard that the cygnets are now swimming.

    PAT O I am guessing you probably stayed at the golf view. It has wonderful views over the Moray Firth. It used to be privately owned but no longer I am afraid.
  • We had an unexpectedely sunny morning, and so were able to sit in the garden at Sue's, and have a good gossip about friends and family. Sadly, as we chatted, we could occasionally hear her ex dog barking only 2 doors away, which causes her much pain. (It does look as if the terrible neighbour has indeed sold her house and so fingers crossed, she will soon move away)
  • Heather, I hope you didn't have another of your sleepless nights after such an eventful couple of days. Because we love our family, we are open to much worry about them and its not always a smooth ride for them or indeed, for us.