Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 9 May 2021


I hope everyone has a joyful, serene week! Stay safe, friends.

  • Thanks DIANE. It’s Mother’s Day DownUnder.

    Happy Mothers Day to all mums & grand-mums, with special thoughts for those separated from their families.

    To the world, you are a mother, but to your family, you are the world.

    It’s such a grand thing to be a mother of a mother—that’s why the world calls her grandmother.

    Any mother could perform the jobs of several air-traffic controllers with ease. (Lisa Alther)

  • ANNETTE – It was the second ¼ as it was my second attempt! I can’t spend very long breathing those awful cleaning fumes.

    LINDA – I’ve got my eye on Bill!!!

  • Diane:  Thank YOU.

    AQ:  Mothers' Day here Sunday too!  I can see I missed my calling re air-traffic controllers.  Grandson wanted to take me out to lunch, which was very sweet.  I thanked him and suggested that we could do it another day if he'd like because everyone and their mother will be out for brunch or lunch tomorrow and the restaurants, which have still not opened all the way (they're having problem hiring workers because there's so much competition for them) will be very crowded.  Instead, he's opted to come down and cook a late lunch/early dinner, which will be probably be BBQ.   Re showers,  I squeegee the walls after every shower and then wipe them and the fixtures dry with an older hand towel.   I think the dry climate helps us avoid mold, etc,  because we can leave the windows open most of the year and that, combined with the exhaust fan, tends to dry everything out very quickly.

    Lindybird:  Smart that Sue is taking her time making a choice.

    Had a very productive day and about to pour a glass of wine and relax.  Have a good Sunday everyone.  

  • Good Morning from a Wales with pale blue skies and wispy clouds. Not sure if we'll get a completely dry day today. . .

    Thank you to Diane for starting us off, and a Happy Mothers Day to all those having one today.

    Bluebells- sadly not English ones, but the foreigners who have established themselves in our garden since we once accepted some plants from a relative and found they'd been infiltrated!

  • Thanks DIANE for starting the new week.

    A lovely morning here, if a little chilly.
  • Not a dry day, for sure... we've had about fifteen sudden showers!

    Decided to cook our joint of beef for lunch, as last night we were too full of lunch to feel like it. I duly prepped the veg, then my OH offered to cook the lunch and I left him to organise it. I laid the table then settled down with my book for an hour. We then got the veggies going, & I made "cheats gravy" from a packet, then he got out the meat. It was only half cooked. After putting up the heat to the oven, & ramming it back in, he said "I cooked it for how long recommended on the packet. This oven must be faulty." Then he confessed that he'd placed it on the floor of the oven...... I said "Don't you know that in a gas oven it's hottest at the top?" He is used to our electric oven at home, sadly.

    We ate much later than planned but it was good, in the end.

  • Diane: I see Indiana is one of the states that will be welcoming (!??) the 14-year return of the cicadas any time now..... Arghhh....
  • Thank you DIANE -
    A very cool day here and a lazy one for me. I didn't even clean the shower. Well of course I did the usual wipe around it after I'd used it! I have Wet Wall in the actual cubicle, the shower room walls are all tiled, though.
    LINDY - I'm pleased that the awful neighbour will be leaving soon. I know next to nothing about dogs but would be wary of a rescue dog unless I was convinced about it's history. Sorry about the roast beef. I hope that you enjoyed it when it was eventually ready!
    ANNETTE - what a lovely grandson you have. I can't imagine Callum cooking anything...
  • Heather: When grandson was Callum's age, I'd never have suspected it either. He arrived with solar wind chimes and a little glass ornament containing air plants. :-) He and OH are off right now checking on the steering in the Camry (which is fine, but you know what guys are.....)
  • Pleased to hear that you had a lazy day, Heather. We all need one sometimes.

    Annette, how nice to have a grandson who wanted to treat you on Mother's Day.

    The beef was good, when we eventually got around to it. It's been very wet here as although it's only been showery, it was hard to even take a 20 minute walk on the beach without risk of getting wet. We managed it though. My OHs toothache has returned, so I will have to persuade him to ring the dentist when we get home.