LOCH GARTEN Daily Obs & Captures MAY 2021

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    She's trying it out for size
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    scylla said:
    Good mating a moment ago.

    20:02 I said that - this was it - it took 20 seconds for him to make the contact:

    Someone was just on the campost and away again.

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  • Since I asked was anybody keeping a check on successful matings, It appears a lot of eyes have been watching and it appears they are sending lots of good vibes as well as watching, and the good vibes appear to be working on the mating front KEEP WATCHING FOLKS.

    Les Carr

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    This morning Mistle landed @ 04:07  and got snowed on but took no notice.  I've worked on the sound to no avail, only the humbuzz will come thru.

    The first clips here are artificially lightened, only the final clip is natural-ish: