Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 25 April 2021


The moon turns full at:

4:31 a.m. on Tuesday, 27 April in the U.K.
8:31 p.m. on Monday, 26 April in California
1:01 p.m. on Tuesday, 27 April in Adelaide, Australia
10:31 p.m. on Monday, 26 April in Iowa (for bjane). 

This "supermoon" will be closer to Earth than any of the other full moons this year, except for the May moon (which will be only 98 miles closer). So, this one should be beautiful!

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe week.

  • Thanks, Diane, and here's wishing you a great week, too!

    Kind regards, 


  • Thanks DIANE for another new week. How the weeks are speeding past!

    LINDA – Appropriately Anzac Day is gloomy & overcast, but no rain, luckily for those permitted to march. Dawn services would have been chilly. Numbers at services were restricted of course.

    LYNETTE – This is my first jab. Aussieland started later as authorities waited for thorough safety checks as we were not in such a bad situation as UK & other countries. As for OH - no one can convince a stubborn man with Parkinsons to do anything.

  • Every new friend is a new adventure. . . the start of new memories (Patrick Lindsay)

    A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows you are slightly cracked. (Bernard Meltzer)

    One loyal friend is worth 10 thousand relatives. (Euripides)

  • Good Morning & thank you to Diane for starting us off again.

    AQ - Love your quotes today. I always like the sayings along the lines of "You can choose your friends but you're stuck with your family"

    It's bright here but might not be as warm as yesterday, when we managed to sit out in the afternoon. Sue is coming over with her dog, we want our two dogs to get used to each other.

    I'm getting in the shower to try & get some relief from my hayfever, which has suddenly become acute possibly as there are fields of rapeseed on our horizon. My knee is stronger, which is just as well as none of the three knee support bandages I have will fit me without cutting off my circulation. Boo.

    Hope Everyone has a good Sunday.
  • Hello to everyone - thank you DIANE.
    I've been reading, was sorry to see that you have been feeling a bit down, LINDY but happy that things seem to be better. Regarding knee supports, they do come in various sizes, you probably know that. I had two, one neoprene and one stretchy cotton stuff. My eldest daughter has them now as she has developed knee pain. She says that the neoprene one suits her better.
    OG - I think that I empathised with the kitchen upheaval a few days ago but I can still remember what I can only call an ordeal! Good luck...
    Two weeks since your appendectomy ANNETTE, and you are digging holes and planting roses !! You are made of hardy stuff, I think.
    AQ- years ago, the teenage daughter of our Danish friends came to stay with us. We took her out and about as you do. We visited a craft/gift shop and she pounced on a cushion that said ' friends are the family you choose for yourself'.
  • Good morning. In a grumbling mood as our minister sends his copy for the magazine by mobile phone, with photos spattered among the text and asks me to sort it out! Why can't he send JPG like any normal person? Have tried twice to sort it out, then asked E-E to have a go - what he sent me is perfect in word but it is losing bits when I put it intopublisher. Swearywords more swearywords, I am having a break from it - rest of the mag is basically all there.

    Rant over, so here I am.

    DIANE - thanks for the new week and for the moon info. Wishing you a safe week also.

    AQ - Sorry your OH is being so stubborn about vaccinations - seems rather shortsighted of him considering he goes out and about for lunches. Very useful firendship qupotes! Happy Birthday for tomorrow - probably will be your tomorrow by the time you see this!

    LINDA - I am trying to keep my mind off the hayfever - not allowed the tablets with the pain killers. Sorry yours is bad - there is a lot of dusty pollen and general dust flying around now it is all so dry. Good that the knee has improved. Enjoy your doggie afternoon.

    HEATHER - I echo what you said to Annette! I hope you are enjoying your bubble time today - do you have extras in now or is that not until next week? I must admit I am only taking in snippets of news now - mind is on other things.
  • Diane- Thanks for info on super moon.
  • Morning all:

    Heather: Digging the holes wasn't that bad as there had been some pre-existing plants and when I took them out I very loosely filled the holes to save having to put a lot of energy when I replanted.  Did get four large rocks at the building supply store yesterday though to put where nothing ever survives. They're in the back of my car awaiting possible arrival of grandson who is young and strong and could help maneuver them into place.  

    Diane:  We have rain due Monday so not sure moon will be visible, but it rises right outside the patio door so we won't miss it if it's clear. (Weather people are giddy at the prospect of what promises to be a tiny amount of rain so late in the season.)  Another thing I'm watching is the launch of a huge Delta rocket from Vandenberg tomorrow around 1:30 p.m. our time; it's a United Launch Alliance rocket, so no boosters coming back a la SpaceX.   I might just drive up to watch it, but that part of the coast gets socked in and if the weather is as bad as they say they may cancel it.    I was looking at Vandenberg's launch schedule and in November SpaceX is launching what's called a Double Asteroid Redirection Test.  I guess that could be useful in the future.  :-)  

    Lindybird:  Good luck with the knee and the allergies (no over-the-counter products help?)

    OG: How tolerant of you not to scold the pastor.  I'd be tempted to publish without his input (a case of Don't Publish and be Damned?).  :-)   I don't like paper plates either but they're an option if J gets fed up messing with the real stuff - or maybe for just one meal a day?

    AQ: Good luck persuading stubborn OH to get a shot.  

    bjane:  Always good to see you pop up!  How are things?

  • Sounds sensible Annette: don't go trying to lift rocks, LOL!!

    Have tried knee supports but not found one yet which doesn't pinch somewhere - must look on a sports page somewhere as I'm sure some big burly sports guys have bigger thighs than me! Put some stuff up my nose this morning which said on the label "discard after 90 days" and it stopped me streaming so much but now my head feels as if I hit it with an ice axe (It was last years supply). Tried to hide how ghastly I am feeling when Sue was here as she had some news to impart . More of that later. Off to throw quiche in oven for an easy tea.