Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 4 April 2021

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette: Nope, the NBC News story about the Navy war ships in your region is not a hoax. The Navy top brass admit that these "incursions" by highly advanced aircraft and drones are happening. The military reports indicate that the technology far surpasses our own. Navy officials and some of our top fighter pilots testified before the U.S. Senate last year about the incursions.

    The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee has directed that the military and the U.S. Director of Intelligence deliver a full report by June 25, 2021. The report will address the advanced technology and possible sources, including foreign adversaries, who may have developed it. The impending report is why NBC News published the article I posted. Admiral Michael Gilday, who is quoted in the article, is the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations. 

    Our very unprofessional news media can't cover this issue without making silly UFO jokes, but the incidents are actually very serious and a bewildering national security threat.

  • Hello to all. Like ANNETTE, not even sure what day it is,

    Rather tied up with affairs here, and with family.

    How many years has your daughter lived in her present house HEATHER, to accumulate so much stuff? Easily done, I know.

    I hope your car rises to the challenge on Friday DIANE. I had my second jab last week.

    Good that you can look forward to going to Wales again soon, LINDY.

    Best wishes to OG, AQ and everyone else.
  • Diane: Will be interesting to read that report - IF all the info is made available.
  • Max temp 31 C today. In hopes that it is the last of summer, today I washed the odd blanket & rug used since, er, whenever. Already dry; they feel so soft.

    I deposited a bag of books at nearby charity bookshop. I have another bagful but they don’t like getting too many at a time. I’ve spent the last year reading & culling my accumulation (more reading than culling, alas).

  • Just a thought

    You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. (Les Brown)

  • Good Morning. Dry here & none of the promised rain in the night, which is probably just as well, as it might have fallen as snow in the low temps.

    My OH has gone off to golf, leaving me to potter around doing h.work & beginning to pack stuff for next week (we plan to go to Wales on Tuesday). Pottering is the operative word, as my good knee has swelled up and is stiff, so I spent yesterday hobbling around when not resting it.

    AQ - Well done on the book sorting.

    Rosy - Nice to hear from you.

    Heather - Hope your daughter can find somewhere suitable. At least moving house concentrates the mind on what is important stuff!

    Annette & Diane - It is strange, for sure, that there have been many sightings of unexplained craft. I suppose we have to just wait and see what happens. It will have got those in power into quite a few emergency meetings, I'm sure!
  • ROSY - daughter has been in the house for nine years, her children were 10 and 13 when the marriage ended. Most of the stuff is in the very large shed in the garden. Old furniture, beds, mattresses, broken TVs, microwave etc . Plus a load of car parts etc. I had no idea of the sheer volume of stuff in there. Until I spoke with my other children yesterday I didn't realise how many folk do the same thing - out of sight out of mind, up in the loft or out in the shed etc !! Or ' it might come in useful one day '. Grrrr !
  • Reading the above - I sound so saintly. Sorry about that.  I'm not a hoarder of things but have many faults, the chief one is turning a blind eye to garden jobs. Pressure washing the slabs is my most hated job. I didn't do it last year and they look very dark and horrible. I could go on but then I would start to worry about things !

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    LINDY Sorry about the knee, am I right it has been bothering you on and off for a while. Hope you get to Wales.
  •  Good day yesterday.  First of all I had a wee win on Ernie  5x £25.  there was a knock at the door in the afternoon and a lady had delivered an unexpected bouquet of flowers.  It was from a friend who used to do the food bank with me.  She said that for lent she likes to do things for people and my name came to her mind.  She knows that apart from covid there has been a particularly devastating family issue to deal with so she decided to send me some flowers.  How lovely is that.  Oh took a pic so she could see what she had sent me.