GLASLYN OSPREYS - APRIL 2021 to end of FEB 2022

  • Absolutely super painting of the Egret Scylla. What a great reflection of it in the water ! Thanks for capture and video Scylla
  • Absolutely super painting of the Egret Scylla. What a great reflection of it in the water ! Thanks for capture and video Scylla
  • MC and all, Heather has emailed me with an explanation for the quality of the various cameras.
    "I have just checked the RSPB forum to see whether anyone reported what
    time it went off and I saw the recent video of the Little Egret. I
    noticed above it a comment from Scylla (I think?) "Various "ducks", the
    cow, all rather unclear considering we're on the 4K." The camera at Pont
    Croesor is not actually a 4K camera. It is HD, but is one of the oldest
    cameras that we have, being one of the original three cameras from 2014.
    The 4K camera is on the nest tree just over a mile away from Pont
    Croesor and is the camera that we used to show the moon and Mistle
    Thrush in close up earlier this week. The bund camera (also at the
    Protection site) is our second newest camera and it was purchased in
    2017, but it is also HD. The 4K is the only one that can show the close
    up detail of the moons surface. Thought I would clarify that just in
    case people were wondering why the images were not crystal sharp.

    Best wishes

    Hope that helps.

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  • Thanks for the message from Heather, Mike. I was watching off and on yesterday and today but never during a time when the streaming actually failed--sorry I cannot help, Mike (and Heather!).

    Kind regards, Ann

  • In reply to Mike:

    Mike B said:
    Glaslyn went down and Heather would appreciate it if anyone has a clue as to what time it failed?
    MC can you call me please when you surface?

    Sincere apologies to you, MIKE, and to HEATHR   Whatever happened to me and Glaslyn and checking the threads?   

    Well it didn't help that I woke up to 187 failed files (not Gaslyn!) and then had my own internet outage, and I've just doolallied the day thru.

    This is the last Glaslyn download, it only lasted 6+ minutes and it was overnight:  I'm suspicious that Captiva and Starr Ranch were both curtailed just afterwards, so I don't know how reliable my time is - however, Glaslyn is the only one that didn't restart after that.

    Still no live stream tonight.


  • Thank you MC. I'll pass that to Heather.

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  • What a frustrating muddle for Heather and you, Scylla ....... (grasps hair and pulls whilst grimacing ) definitely unsmiley face
  • Heather can't get there today but possibly she will be able to talk a vol. through the restart procedure. If not it will be sometime tomorrow.

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  • Heather and Judith have got the LS back.

    NEW LINK:-

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • MC et al. Seems Glaslyn went down around 4 30pm.

    Heather hopes to restore tomorrow.

    Birdies LG DU update.