• Second attempt.  This got stuck when I was trying to post

    LOL  I do find it a trifle difficult at times to be able to make a judgement.  I need a zoom control and slo-mo!

    A spot of excitement earlier times at the foot of the snip

    An intruder was around, I think.  Mistle was restless

    and started to intruder call and mantle

    Axel came down and mated

     but no soon had Axel departed when an unringed male landed on her back

    He intruder went to the campost and Mistle shouted at him.  He left.

    A caveat - I can't see a ring, so assume it wasn't Axel, and why would she really see him off like that if it were

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    CATCHUP bits 'n pieces

    Early morning, Mistle brought a good stick:

    She's well able to tackle substantial ones:

    Male intruder - did Axel fly in to see what was going on?  I've done my eyes in, it's up to you: