• Oh wow, thanks so much for the link Scylla, I'm hand clapping like crazy - what an achievement- the nest looks great . And my thanks to everyone who donated
  • Talk tomorrow evening (Thursday 17th) 7.30-9.00 p.m.

    "Kim Boccato explains how the Roy Dennis Foundation's translocations have helped bring breeding ospreys to North Wales. "

    £2 to view online - book here  https://www.northwaleswildlifetrust.org.uk/events/2022-02-17-breeding-ospreys-north-wales-translocations

  • I wonder whether Llyn Clywedog and Llyn Brenig merit separate threads for 2022 or should they continue to be combined. I think it depends if LJ6 and LM2 come back to Brenig, which I think we all hope they will, but can't be confident about. As far as I can see the combined thread had the one of the most views of any of the threads in use for the 2021 season. Thoughts please?

  • In reply to AG:

    AG said:
    I wonder whether Llyn Clywedog and Llyn Brenig merit separate threads for 2022

    As soon as I saw a new post in this thread I was reminded to suggest that Clywedog should have its own thread - Brenig too, if a cam comes online, and if there's no Osprey activity on either or both they can fall off the front page.


  • Post on Llyn Brenig FB Page

    Rangers from Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water have completed accessibility works adjacent to the osprey hide at Llyn Brenig.
    Over the winter, they were able to put in the final section of level and compacted track to the hide, facilitating improved wheelchair access. The hide itself was designed and built by Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water with accessibility in mind as the viewing panels and interior are optimised for wheelchair users. Other features in the hide include one-way glass, snoods, gimbals and even comfy seats!
  • What good news. Many thanks AG
  • Happy to go with any consensus, but for me, having only one thread to read rather than three helps me to have a smidgen more time to read other threads--I try to keep up with many other Osprey threads and even numerous threads about critters other than Ospreys (shock horror, Lol!). But I can also see advantages to each nest having its own thread, particularly if each nest has a family, unlike Brenig last year.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Update on Live Stream cameras at Llyn Clywedog from John Williams

    Part one of the camera installation is complete. In the next week the final installation will be completed, thank to you to Peter Carnyx Wild for that.

    I took the photo below  while up on the nest giving it a makeover. I have removed the old Beech perch I put on last year and replaced it with a slightly straighter Birch perch.. also the position is now pointing towards the lake, instead of up the forest road.

    Incidentally this is also the rough angle the new cameras* will be looking.

    The nest had risen up at least 8 inches in height, with lots of mud and sticks built up over the last 2 years. We lowered this back down to level with the metal rim. This time though I added around 5 bundles of sticks to the outside of the rim and attached them all tightly. This has given the effect of widening the nest.

    I would like to stress that although we don't have to remove material from the nest yearly, we do it simply because it's a live tree, it is susceptible to attack from lots of wood eating bugs. Which can weaken the strength of the wood the nest is built on and so if we left it build up naturally after several years of osprey occupation it would become so top heavy it could snap in a storm event. (Worse case while they are on it) and so this is why we try and maintain it, to protect the birds.


    This year there will be 2 live streaming cameras. One above the main T perch giving a view of the two perches and an wider view of the nest.

    The main camera will be mostly focused on the nest with the new perch in the background.

  • In reply to AG:

    Thank you so much, AG, for that super news!

    Sincere thanks and congratulations to John Williams and Peter Carnyx

    According to me  it won't be so likely that Dylan will be able to stickify the cam this season.  I wonder if it will still be 0700-1900?

    For a few days I have been semi-primed to start an independent thread for this nest - it could always be amended to incorporate other nests if necessary, but it was a "fully-fledged" nest/cam last season, activity-wise, so I think it warrants its own thread - but I am easily slapped down!


  • Yes, indeed Scylla. very many thanks to AG and John Williams and Peter - I''m looking forward so much more to this nest now.