• Post from Brenig Osprey Project on Facebook.
    "We’ve known that windblow was likely to be an issue for this block of conifers for some time, and had already been sketching out plans for when/how best to remove some/all of them with the minimum impact on the ospreys. We’ll now have to accelerate things somewhat, and will let you all know what decisions we come to both about removal and any potential replacement (or lack of) after taking some very specialist advice in the coming weeks. It’s important to realise that doing nothing isn’t an option – leaving the trees to come down in an unplanned, uncontrolled manner, as they inevitably would without intervention, would be the worst of all possible worlds. Those visiting the site will see the changes – we’ll put pictures here for those who can’t get there!
    Watch this space for more news soon …
    Team BOP"
    Photo © NWWT/Dwr Cymru
  • Thanks, AG. Do you know how close these downed trees actually are to the nest pole?

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Difficult to say Ann - looks like the trees on the little peninsula off which the pole is in the water - if so the the pole is maybe 20 metres away. This stand of trees provided shelter from North Westerly winds.

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    Thanks, AG. Of course, Ospreys seem to like to have a good view in all directions to spot intruders or other trouble, and they can nest in very exposed places so they may be ok with the more exposed nest platform, provided whatever work is planned to deal with the area affected by the storm is done before the Ospreys return. Do you know if Llyn Brenig is at a similar elevation to Clywedog or higher or lower? I ask because I remember 5F sitting in snow or hail at Clywedog when nests closer to sea level did not have any or they had rain. The Dyfi nest and many others can be buffeted by some fierce winds but it does not get snow in the summer, at least not that I have seen.

    Kind regards, Ann

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    Edited Ann, Llyn Brenig is 1200 ft (370m) above sea level. From memory Clywedog is about the same, both are twice as high as Kielder (180m)

  • In reply to AG:

    1200ft is 366metres approx
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    oops missed a zero!
  • Thanks AG and Jill. (I could have looked them up for myself, but busy with other things today!)

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Update on the replacement nest installed at Llyn Brenig on the FB page.

    "The final stage of the rebuilding of the osprey nesting site callously felled by vandals with a chainsaw last April was completed last week when Dŵr Cymru | Welsh Water & staff from Llyn Brenig winched a platform into place and assembled a new nest"

    More text and picture on the facebook post.

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    I started looking for the Facebook page just after you posted, AG, but distractions and daftness mean that I only just found it - I've applied to join a "Friends of" group in error

    On the million-to-one chance that anyone else is as dopey, it's this page.

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