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    So very sad Sheila that this still goes on.   If Nimrod is still with Birdlife Malta he will be furious.  

    He is indeed still at Malta, and still working with BirdLife Malta.  He was in a live vid this morning, and is now available here!  It is part English, part Maltese, and his colleague rings birds.

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  • Nice to see an article on Roy Dennis in the national press!

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

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    Clare Bailey said:

    Nice to see an article on Roy Dennis in the national press!

    Nice article, but a few things stuck in ma craw, eg:

    "If you try five things, one might fail. So get on with them.”...

    I'm sure it would have been "If you try five things, one might not fail".

    Generally, he's a lot more hopeful than I am.


  • What abrilliant article CLARE Thank you so much for posting
    Have you read RD's book "Cottongrass Summer" In it he syggests that we each send a copy of a bookwho's author I have forgotten for a minute whoadvocates that 50% of the earth should be rewilded to our respective MPs I sent a copy of this book and of RD's to Sir Keir Starmer, my MP AND HAVE HEARD NOTHING Not even a thank you
  • Wouldn't it be wonderful to have half of the earth re-wilded?! But like Scylla, I am unfortunately unhopeful about the prospect of how to actually do it in the light of easily predicted blocking of such a project by lots of people, many of them uninformed, short-sighted, uncaring folk who have wealth and/or power in the world and whose sole goal is to acquire more of it and at any cost (that is cost to others and to the environment, of course--not to themselves!). I would be thrilled if even a quarter was re-wilded but that would face the same opposition...(sorry to be so glum!)

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Do we know who White YC's partner is at Rondsea or is she unringed?
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    She was unringed but does not seem to have returned.

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  • How sad. Do we know how long she's been breeding at Roudsea?

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  • This is the current Chat Thread 

    Some nice photos on Aviemore Ospreys page, along with Pine Martins, and Pied Flycatchers (a bird I have never seen) - such a variety of wildlife to be seen and so close to day to day living in Aviemore. 

    LINK - Sorry about ling link but the forum doesn't seem to allow links to Facebook now..... if anyone has a solution please let me know, or maybe it's me (been away too long) 

    Long link not working either Grrrrr

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