• I've just said farewell to eldest daughter and Katie, our usual Saturday get together. It's always over far too quickly, then another solitary week. I'm luckier than a lot of folk, though and do count my blessings. Katie is furloughed, so fed up but keeps in touch with cousin Amy. They are both looking forward to a road trip together, whenever that will be possible !
    LINDY - I hope that your OH has rested x
  • Heather - I feel just the same but I only had a WhatsApp video call with all the family. We don't usually do this as with 4 under 4s it can get a bit noisy but it was a special occasion as youngest Granddaughter Lily is one today. The hired an indoor ball pit and and her and her Brother James are loving it.

    I went for a longish walk today to hand deliver a birthday card for a friends birthday tomorrow. Our little group would normally go our for a meal when its one of our birthdays so we will have to make up for it when we are free.

    Love hearing all your news so thank you all! Try and keep warm Diane and try and keep cool AQ.

  • Harelady - I feel Zoom calls are stressful - the adults want to talk but the children get easily bored. Of course, most of mine are very young and so its not surprising. Nice that you were able to celebrate with Lily though - gosh, that year has gone quickly!

    My OH has put a shoulder of lamb in the oven this afternoon to cook slowly. He will also take charge of the roast potatoes so I only have to do some greens and get out the bottle of wine! I had a night off last night as well, as we had fish & chips from the only remaining Fish & Chip outlet in the town - the fish was delicious, very fresh and flaky, and the chips were not bad.

  • LINDA - Roast lamb! I'm on my way, save some for me!

    I slept in, woken by alarm, off to church soon.

  • Glad you had a good rest, anyway, AQ! Hope it didn't make you late for church.

    The lamb was outstanding, and we had a good dinner. Bonnie hung around the kitchen hoping for a taste, as of course the smell of it was tantalising, but she was only given some scraps. No dessert, as we were already full! Been slobbing on the sofa since, watching a DVD of a film called "The 100 Foot Journey" which is a light bit of nonsense with Helen Mirren as the star.