Happy New Week and Happy Valentine's Day to anyone celebrating it  

  • Annette: Thanks! I forgot all about the new thread. Coping with too many challenges in my life. Plus, my brain is completely frozen.

    Heather: I'm very sorry that Amy has been poorly.

    Lynette: I hope your OH won't have COVID-19 symptoms. I'm sorry he tested positive. I also hope your daughter is doing well.

    AQ: I hope you're recovering well with decreasing fatigue. 

  • ANNETTE – Thank you for starting us off.

    DIANE – Is frozen brain similar to brain fog? My latter & fatigue are getting less ever so slowly.

    I bravely went to “real” church this morn (rather than online streaming). It’s been 12 weeks; it’s a wonder they didn’t roll out the red carpet!!!

    A pleasant 26 C day and 10-min-worth of weeds removed. Tomatoes bushes looking poorly, all leaves gone, last fruit ripening. But I have a good supply frozen for winter casseroles, etc. I gave OH a box of chocs for his b-day and he has been bingeing naughtily on those & Dau’s. Since no one else in this house recognises ValDay, I treated myself to a small block of Lindt. Which I am rationing.

  • What great energy, intelligence, and magnificent beautiful eyes. . . But enough about me, how are you doing?

    I know some people don’t like me, but what can I do, not everyone has good taste.

    The trick is to not let people know how weird you are until it's too late for them to back out. 

  • Good Morning and Happy Valentines Day to everyone with a beating heart in their body- there is love in all of us. :-)

    Thank you to Annnette for starting us off & for your good wishes. I gave my OH a card and a small box of his favourite caramel Easter Eggs, LOL!!

    AQ great quotes as usual. I particularly like the last one as I like to think I don't fit into a mould...

    Have a good day, everyone. Still windy here but temps supposed to rise.

  • Thanks for starting the week. We agreed no Valentines cards this year as our lovely card outlet is closed. OH did get me some lovely flowers so I am very happy. He also cooked us a good brekkie of sausages, egg, tomato, fried bread and baked beans, so I am being spoiled.
  • For those of us who live alone, my church delivered some flowers and chocolates and a card reminding us we weren't forgotten. Valentine's Day can be hard for us - this really helps!
  • How nice, Pat. This is for everyone on here, as we all share a love of nature, after all:


  • What a great card, Lindy. Thank you!
  • In reply to Pat O:

    PAT O What a lovely thing to do.