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    Hope you stay warm, LINDY !

    Thanks, Heather:  I forgot last night that I had not been on here to report progress. By the late afternoon, he had done most of the work and we finally had warm radiators, and hot water coming out of the taps (scalding, in fact) .  He left at 5.00pm saying he would be back this morning to finish off some of the pipework etc. I had spent most of the day in the tiny sitting room with the electric fire on some of the time:  it is a warm room and thankfully yesterday was the warmest we've had for quite a while, so we had timed it well. (just luck!)

    Now we just have to wait for him to finish off this morning, and then my OH can put back some of the stuff we have stored in the garage - its never been used for a car as we have way too much in there, including two freezers, the w. machine, a tumble drier on top, several large chests of drawers with stuff in such as tools, spare light bulbs, etc. Also garden umbrellas, picnic tables,large containers of dry dog food, etc. EDIT:  Two shelves full of home made jam, too! Some of the metal shelving he removed so that the plumber could get at the old boiler is now out in the garden and looks dreadful - warped, bent, and rusty.  I pointed out that its time he treated himself to some new ones!   Watch this space as he hates buying things!

    Annette:  I upload my pictures straight from the phone, which works a treat - very pleased with the phone which I bought last year - a Samsung Galaxy.  I find I hardly ever get my camera out, now!  Cant help you with your problem as I'm not techy and have no idea about these things, I'm afraid....

  • AQ: Good that things began well. Everyone I know who has had the treatment says its painless, although you may get some tenderness on the skin after a while. My Friend, who had several of these sessions, used a product called BioOil which is sold often in chemists as a good way for mums to remove their stretch marks after pregnancy. The nurses told her to rub it in liberally every day to keep the skin supple. I now use it on some of my wrinkles on my face!! I have, just like my poor mother before me, a large furrow between my brows which makes it look as if I'm frowning all of the time.

    Hope things continue on an even keel - you may feel very tired after a couple of weeks and my OH reckoned it was partly the treatment, and partly the stress of having to keep on travelling to the centre and keep the appointments.  Your life doesn't seem your own for a while, but at least its only for a fixed time. Thinking of you daily.

  • LINDY - Good that you are warm! My heating is on 24 hours a day, low setting at night. This house is hard to keep warm in very cold weather, despite good loft insulation. Upstairs is warm ! My garage is full but only one chest freezer in it, plus some shelving and OH s work bench. I have got a huge sofa there which belongs to step grandson. Awaiting him buying a new house or flat. It is all wrapped up but I am fed up with it, after two years !
    He is obviously very comfortable back living in his parents home, rent free. I'm in a difficult position, the house will be theirs when I fall off my perch, I try to be as accommodating as I can...
  • For Annette -- a close up of my lovely Goose, of whom I'm very fond. The bell around her neck actually works. My mother adored ducks and geese, and I used to promise that one day, I'd buy her a farmhouse with a duck pond!!

  • Also for Annette - some old Wedgwood tiles. There must have been 12 of them originally, but my mother acquired 10 of them, some cracked. They depict each month of the year. My father managed to make frames for about 6 of them, and these four are now on our conservatory wall.

    They're brown etchings printed on white tiles.

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    AQ Glad all went well for you today.
  • HARELADY Crossing fingers for you.
  • AQ - Good to read that you hardly knew you'd been zapped ! Sad about the little church.
    DIANE - I'd love to know more about homesteading. I will Google it.

  • DIANE I found a chapter (3) from the Indiana Historical Society,' Hoosiers and the American story'