• Lindy - looks like the fog is quite widely spread. It looks similar out of my window at the moment. Don't know what the temperature is like as I haven't poked my nose outside yet. I have to listen to the radio in the morning to work out what day it is, and what I need to do. All the days seem to merge into one, with odd highlights - a Skype chat with a friend just outside Sydney on a Monday morning (early for me, late for her), laundry on Wednesday, distribution of the weekly news letter on a Friday (someone e-mailed me yesterday around 9.30am to see if I was OK as she usually gets the news letter soon after 7.00am! - can't even have a sneaky lie-in without someone noticing!) and needing to be washed, dressed and in my right mind on a Sunday before the Radio 4 service. What an exciting life ...
  • Great that you are treating yourselves to a new boiler, LINDY ! I saw on Facebook the other day a Gov. message that if on certain benefits you can get one either free or with a big discount. That is how my brother got the boiler replaced in their house in UK, because their son was living there and he was on benefits. I'm still unsure about the legality of that....
    It is dull but warmer here today. Eldest daughter ( bubble family) is coming for lunch. I'm so happy !!
  • Good morning, all. It's a gloriously sunny (but very cold) day here - I put some washing on the line earlier and the cotton items are now rock hard!

    We had a combined shed/summer house put up in our garden last month (ordered back in August!) and Limpy ordered some racking to put in it. The racking arrived today - after a few attempts to pick it up in our porch I gave up and slid the (very heavy) package across the living room floor, using my not inconsiderable body weight!

    I can't wait for the gym to reopen ......... sigh.

    Our herring gulls are red listed birds.  Think about that the next time you hear some flaming idiot calling for a cull of them.

  • PAT - know what you mean! I missed two family birthdays this week - don't know the day half the time, never mind the date. No excuse, birthday book sits in front of my desktop PC. I just hadn't been in the home 'office' for a few days as I do most things, except banking, on a tablet.
  • CLARE - not uncommon for me to get on floor to push heavy parcels! But I have to end up somewhere that has something to hang on to so that I can get up again :-)
  • OG- it's good to read that J is much more settled, his anxiety levels decreased. My youngest who as you know has panic disorder, is always better when her husband is at home. She has worked so hard over 15 years to manage her condition but I have observed that when her OH goes away she has to fight harder. She is really afraid that her daughters will learn anxiety from her, so an even bigger effort needed. It is a horrible affliction.

  • CLARE I love the really cold weather, but not when it gets nasty underfoot. Like you, the heat doesn't suit me.
    We have had to change our dog walking over the past couple of days as the woods are treacherous in places. Yesterday I walked with a friend and we had to turn back 2/3 of the way round when we found the bridge too risky. Benson is now wearng his coat as he was groomed on Thursday. We were so pleased his groomer was still up and running as he was desperately needing his paws done.
  • Morning all: Awake at 4 the last two mornings - arghh. Laundry underway and I suspect Not Much Else will be done today. Wish we could get some cloudy damp weather here (please have a smaller bundle dropped off en route to AQ). Will start the thread tonight if nobody gets here first.

  • Thanks in advance, Annette.

    We've been a few miles to see OHs sister Sue -- took her a bunch of flowers, some books returned which we had borrowed, and brought home with us an oil filled radiator which she has lent to us in case we are left freezing by the plumber! He said that he will try to install the boiler in just one day on Monday, but of course he has to also dismantle the old one and is not sure if it will take 2 days. At least it's going to be milder for a few days.

    Heather: hope you've had a lovely time with family.today.
  • Thanks ANNETTE
    I am hoping that DIANE has got her new router, I'm sure we will hear if she has!