• LINDY It was just daughter here. So good to have company but I'm so aware that many folk don't.
  • Sorry, Heather - thought it was Daughter and her offspring, must have been reading too fast!

    Our Eldest has posted a clip of Amber playing a board game, and making funny faces: I'm afraid that instead of cheering me up, it reduced me to tears.... We haven't seen her since July.
  • I know how sad you must feel Lindy, We feel the same about our granddaughter. I think she will be quite grown up when we can next see her. She will be twelve in a few days time.

    OH had his vaccination yesterday. The whole thing was very well organised. It was at a GP surgery in our area.
    There were chairs set out just outside, in the doc's parking spaces, where he waited his turn. It turned out to be the most sociable event we have had for months, as we saw four friends and neighbours there. While the OH's were having their jabs inside, a friend and I had a good chat outside. We were not old enough for the vaccination ourselves.
  • What fun, Rosy. It's what we miss, a good gossip!

    I met some friends of friends this morning, in the supermarket. Two weeks ago when I saw them, I'm afraid I dashed around a display to avoid them, as they don't keep their distance. Her idea of two metres is apparently about 3 or 4 feet! l managed to keep my trolley between us, and then rushed off!

    Today I've been unaccountably tired, both mentally and physically. I'm hoping a couple of good nights sleep will sort me out. Mind you, I've been sleeping well so don't know why I'm tired.