Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 9 August 2020


I hope everyone has a healthy, safe, wonderful week! 

  • Thank you DIANE and same to you.

    Just a thought

    If you want to change the world, go home and love your family. {Mother Teresa)

  • AQ;  Ah, if only that were enough.....

    Diane:  Thanks once more.

  • Good Morning. Dry and bright here. My OH is preparing to leave as he is playing golf today in Buxton.

    Thank you to Diane for starting us off again.

  • Another day of summer! Will look back at later posts from yesterday.

    ANNETTE – good to see your OH has new Hearing Aids.

    PAT – sorry you had to take a break from regular Golf, but it does make sense. I hope you can find a way back in next year.

    HEATHER – I had thought your SiL had gone back to the rig; now I realise that he was with the family when they went to the Highland Wildlife Park. I hope he will be safe in Aberdeen on the way!

    Just switched to overnight posts, with an interlude to prepare our first picking of Runner Beans – my favourite of all vegetables.

    DIANE – thank you for the new week – I hope it’s a good one for you too.

    AQ – thanks for the thought; don’t often see our family – and it really is up to them to come here now – well, not right now but when we are a lot nearer normal! Did see the Grandson and appendages on Facebook – their before and after lockdown hair. Young Cyrus has lost his baby hair and looks like a little boy – nearly two now – and Miri’s eyes are so engaging that I didn’t really notice her hair!

    LINDA – could be quite breezy for golf in Buxton, but I am sure he’ll enjoy the game.
  • Thank you Diane. We are enjoying another hot and sunny day here.
  • Thanks, DIANE
    Yes,a good day here as,DIBNLIB says.
    Just had son on the phone. Unsurprisingly, increase in shoplifters since compulsory wearing of masks. They are on cctv but not easily identifiable. It's hard enough for the small shops right now without this. They know exactly when to strike - when the shopkeeper is at the till, concentrating on that and no eyes about the place. He knows the usual suspects but this latest episode looked to be a respectable middle aged couple. The man looked directly at the camera....Two bottles of expensive whisky gone.
  • Oh HEATHER - that is disgraceful. So sorry for your Son.
  • OG - thanks ...
    This whole thing seems to have brought out the best and the worst in people. As indeed, any crisis seems to do.
  • Heather, As OG says, that really is disgraceful. What a cheek! Respectable looking couple indeed.
  • In reply to Heather B:

    Yes, I have heard that shoplifting has been on the up since lockdown. It doesn't matter whether it is a lovely whisky shop or a large supermarket. My neighbour works as a supervisor in Tesco and says that the police aren't really interested as they have so much on their plates already. Dreadful.