WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey) SUNDAY JULY 26, 2020

  • OG and EE - A very happy anniversary. Hope you have managed to have a bit of free time for those memories!

    Very hot and humid again today, so sitting quietly and roasting gently. There doesn't seem to be any rain in the forecast for the next two weeks, so maybe summer has arrived.

    Hope everyone is keeping well. Nothing much going on at this end of the country, and I'm very glad I don't live twenty miles south, in Brighton, with their packed beaches. I'll stick to my peaceful rural idyll.
  • Happy Anniversary OG and EE! :-)
  • Happy Anniversary to OG and EE !
  • Goodness, Dibnlib: that's a long time, no wonder you're both tired now. Hope you can benefit from an early night tonight.

    Have done boring ironing whilst watching Mary Berry make home made ice cream on TV. My OH has put a pork joint into the oven for later, so my job is just to prep the veggies and get them cooking. It's been quite humid here, and even tried to rain just as I got home from the shops this morning. No thunder storms, though.

    One of our neighbours has put up quite a high fence at the front of their small bungalow. All the other properties in the road have very low frontages, either a low hedge or wall. It stands out as if their property is shouting "keep out!" to anyone passing. And now, they've painted it black :-0 Ugh.

  • Happy Anniversary OG and EE from me as well!
  • OG/EE Me too, how many years is that?
  • Sorry, just read back, so now I know. OG/EE Many congratultions on your Golden Wedding Anniversary plus 2. Must have missed that first time round.
  • Thanks ALL for good wishes. A very ordinary day, really - plenty of sunshine and warm (but not as hot as yesterday). Expecting showers from 11pm, and already getting a bit blowy. We routinely synchronise our diaries after Saturday tea, and today we got near to start of term, so J was very uptight - I wasn't very sympathetic so he's sulking in his room - yes, at his age!
  • OG and EE, I hope you have had a wonderful day!

    Kind regards,