WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey) SUNDAY JULY 26, 2020

Hi all!  Check back to last page of previous week for updates on LIndybird's weekend in Wales plus photos.    

Granddaughter is coming tomorrow for a couple of days before taking Ms D. back to AZ on Tuesday.  Her school (online) starts the following week.  Very weird semester schedules in AZ.


  • ANNETTE: Thanks for starting the thread. I so hope you're having a good visit with Ms.D., and I hope you enjoy your time with your granddaughter.

    The schools here are beginning the semester very soon, too. The powers that be are opening the schools for in-person classes (not online), despite the fact that our infection rate and COVID-19 cases are increasing. Many of the teachers are terrified.
  • Diane: Be glad you don't have kids in school there. What about your nephew?
  • ANNETTE – Thank you for starting us off. Schools vary from state to state. SA’s have been open since May. VIC's of course are shut again.

    HEATHER – Hope all enjoyed the sleepover.

    LINDA – Thank you for the pics; the only travelling I can do now. I love your poem – for those who may have missed it, it is at the end of “last week”.

    Church service this morn was to be some special occasion and thus likely complacent people sitting too close, so I was back to livestream. Unbeknown to me they had changed the time to an hour later. While waiting I finished the buttons.

  • Just a thought

    This weekend, remember that your smile alone can save a sad soul or heal a broken spirit. Share your kindness with others and remember to have a blessed weekend.

  • In reply to Diane in Indiana:

    ANNETTE: My niece is entering 11th grade (in high school), and my nephew has moved to a students' apartment (living with 3 other guys) in Indianapolis and has begun his technical college studies and training in welding. So, both are taking solely in-person classes. They are required to wear masks.
  • Bumping us up as we seem to have gone back to 19th July.

    Lindy's excellent poem led us all astray!

    Thank you Annette for starting us off.
  • Lost yet another post

    We had a lovely walk at the canal again this morning. Yesterday we had 2 walks in the woods and were treated to 5 young red squirrels and a beautiful dragonfly. How lucky we are.

    Good to catch up with everyones news.
  • AQ:  Thanks for drawing our attention to Lindybird's almost-missed funny poem.  :-)    the lions were lolling when we went by, but the zoo lady nearby said the male 'canoodled' with the female 23 times in one day at one point!   Arghhhh.

    Granddaughter is en route from AZ and Ms. D is still asleep which has given me time to organize things, feed birds, have a quiet breakfast and pop in here.  She was late going to sleep last night due to all the excitement involved in catching a tiny baby lizard that had somehow got into her room then hid under the bed.  He was retrieved thanks to a dishtowel and disappeared into the garden.  This is the third baby lizard we've found in the house in the last two weeks!!

    The other excitement was that Ms.D and I took OH to the ER yesterday due to sudden weakness.  Doc suspects a bleeding ulcer and has ordered an endoscopy and to keep an eye on blood levels, which weren't too alarming but they didn't want to risk any sudden deterioration.   We weren't allowed inside the hospital; they whisked him away in a wheelchair but they were good about calling with updates.   And the floor people are due at 8 a.m. tomorrow......

  • ANNETTE: I'm so sorry about your OH's ulcer. Also, sorry that your visit was interrupted by the ER trip. Try not to worry. Most ulcers can be treated with antibiotics now. Your OH should be okay. Very wise to stay alert, though. Sending healing energy to California.
  • I'm so sorry - I seem to have got myself out of sync by writing after midnight which I don't usually do. I was sitting up in bed when the idea struck so I wrote it down quickly, before I forgot it! Now I've muddled everyone.

    This morning my tablet was out of power so I left it charging when we went out. We've been to our favourite garden centre which had a new entrance as not only have they had to cope with the new rules, but they're in the middle of remodelling the shop part, so it's rather chaotic. Didn't stop me buying a natty bird feeder and some solar lights!

    Annoyed that the people next door here have assumed ownership of some of the shrubs and plants behind us: the owners of the Site are supposed to tend it but they are very lazy about it, admittedly. However, these people have now cut down a young tree :-0 and planted a lot of shrubs instead. Ho hum.

    We are packing up to go home again tomorrow - doesn't seem five minutes since we did it before. We're hoping that the boiler can be fixed tomorrow if they can get the parts.

    Hope Annette is enjoying her visitors, and everyone else is OK. I will write more tomorrow when we get back. Annette, I'm sorry you and your OH have the worry of his ulcer but thankful that they've found out what ails - as Diane says, it should be treatable. I hope so, and that it's easily sorted.