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    We're managing to miss fish landings today - KC2 and KC3 were waiting for this one, whatever it was ;)

    KC2 got it, it looks quite small:

    KC3 went for it with a crazed look on his face ;-D

    He got it, and KC4 arrived - where had she beeeeen all dayyy?!

    KC3 munched while the other 2 waited.

    KC2 claimed the fish back, so it was 3&4 waiting... until KC3 flew off... and then so did KC2 with the half-eaten fish.

    And this proves I've been right all along, how could you doubt me?  (Don't answer that!)

    KC3 came back and they both waited and LO   We still didn't get a fish landing   Maybe the cam's developed rusty joints, all this wet weather!

    Little scoundrel KC3 has it - there'll be a better snap later:

    This is KC4 going for it:

    She got it but...

    And but...

    KC4 prevailed, KC3 was philosophical:

    KC2 joined in the waiting game:

    Suddently Aran dropped in with a headless fish, KC3 grabbed his foot:

    Even more suddently, MrsG delivered a half-fish !!!

    This what I meant by "a sight for sore eyes"

    And here was MrsG on the perch picking something invisible off a talon:

    We just needed Aran to pop in:

    Yikes!  I honestly didn't know this was goingto happen

    He took off with it as it was unclaimed:

    Another break coming up here.

    Have I said how much I'm dreading the new thread night?  I thought I'd be able to copy BIRDIE's from the first of this month and make adjustments   If I haven't done one by the time anyone thinks it's about time, then please feel free !!! 

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    Scylla, you are doing so much for this thread (and others) that, if it's ok, I'll create the new one for August.

    As all of Birdie's wonderful past links from the beginning of this season have tragically 'disappeared', I'll add those as well as additional informative blogs/videos from BGGW, that are connected to this gorgeous family

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    Link to august-2020

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    Sandra P said:
    I'll create the new one for August.

    Wow, thanks so much, SANDRA.

    I've only got up to early evening, I'll add in anything extra here and rejig so's to keep the threads in the right order

    Aran brought another half-fish but had to take it away again:

    KC3 stayed eating the big fish, and the rain got heavier:

    The rain stopped, KC3 left @ 19:06 and a corvid came and checked out the generous leftover:

    Oh, this is why the corvid didn't stay:

    He stood and stood and eventually flew off with the generous half-fish:

    KC2 (I think) was chasing corvids before she came to the perch and shouted at them:

    Aran brought back that half-fish:

    KC2 pranced around with the fish and ate some, KC3, who'd been on the perch, flew off and KC2 took his place, feaking and posturing, then dropped off the very end of the perch, away to bed:

    Then it was soon nightcam time and there was no more activity to put on the record, yay! ;)

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