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    21:44ish It left the tree and did a very quick fly past, far left of the nest (white blur!)

    Just off from the top of the tree

    Start of actual flight


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    I didn't check out your osprey obs, SANDRA, figuring that a video was unlikely to add value to your snaps

    Otherwise, nothing found for the remainder of yesterday, no-one found all night (and I skip-listened all the way thru, no critters whatsoever heard! just varying winds/calms), and no-one seen this morning up to about 08:00.

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    Many thanks Scylla :)
    The 'blurred' pics of the flight I captured were taken at 0.25 playback speed...it didn't help much! lol
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    13:00ish Laddie was on the nest, chipping/mantling/alarm calling. Scrolling back, he appeared to be chipping/alarm calling in the distance about a minute before coming to the nest (it did go silent for a little while until he was close to landing)

    He appeared to be leaving...

    ...but stopped himself

    Then went

    Another very short stay (under 30 seconds) Edit - an everso slightly longer visit than that, as per Scylla's video, below 


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    Sandra P said:
    13:00ish Laddie was on the nest, chipping/mantling/alarm calling.