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As the season progresses, Laddie (LM12) continues to make occasional visits to the empty webcam nest, defending his area from passing intruders.  It is hoped that both he and NC0 have a successful nest in the vicinity of the Loch.



21st July  - NC0 made an appearance on the nest, her first visit since 19th April 

24th July  - NC0, confirmed ring identification during a second visit to the nest

10th August  - Laddie's last appearance on the webcam nest > Here and Video by Scylla

20th August  - One chick for Laddie (LM12) and NC0 > successful-first-season-for-loch-of-the-lowes-ospreys

6th September - Probable migration date for Laddie (LM12) and the juvenile was Saturday, 29th August >


  • Thanks Sandra for starting of the new month also for all the links and lovely capture.

    Fingers crossed Laddie and NCO are doing fine and raising young!
  • You missed this yesterday, SANDRA


    It was a fly on the lens.

    Nothing to report up to midnight, except I've had a lot of interruptions due to an update causing picture and video freeze-ups :(

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  • Thank You Sandra for starting the thread.    

    Scylla I did see that fly too when I was scrolling through looking for any Laddie visits

    This has taken almost 40 minutes to get to this stage of posting.   

    Written @ 05.59 on Edge browser, wonder why they called it Edge, probably because it puts everyone on edge that uses it. 

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  • Sorry I missed the fly...! lol 

    Around 11:30 this morning, there was a quick visit from a raven


  • In reply to Sandra :

    19:35 A Raven having a dig around in the nest


  • In reply to Sandra :

    It came back again 20 minutes later, making a right mess!

    It/they continue to be on and off looking for something tasty to eat within the nesting material

    It had an itch on its head so gave it a scratch


  • Hopefully there might be some news in the next couple of weeks on whether there was another nest used this year, or did I miss it.
    Looking forward to next year already and hoping there is a return to this nest.

    Richard B

  • In reply to Richard G B:

    Hi Richard, nothing confirmed from Lowes, as far as I'm aware, as to whether another nest around the Loch is actually in use by Laddie and NC0. We can only hope...

  • In reply to Sandra :

    Some of the clips from last night 30 June/01 July were messed up due to that Realtek update.

    Besides the Raven/s (who sure did give the nest a good going over), I got 2 little birdies - I can't focus well enough to distinguish Coat/Great Tit for the first and am relying on RICHARD for the second, tho I have my suspicion ;)