Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 28 June 2020

  • Hi all, looks as if you have all been doing something or other.

    OG , see that J had a lovely birthday meal but had problems afterwards.    Glad to hear he is OK now though.

    WendyB -  awefully good of you to pass over for someone more pressing. I had a phone call a few weeks back re my appointment at the eye dept. re my cataract on the other eye.   They asked if all was well and I replied that it was so no op needed at present as it was'nt a bad one.

    Had some exciting news late Sunday evening.   Our S.Grand-daughter gave birth to a baby girl, Ava Ellen Stasia on Sunday evening. Mum and babe doing well. Its the nearest I'll come to being a grandma , in fact we are Step,GGrandparents. Am arranging for a local artist in my home town to do a Doodle for a new baby.    She specialises in Doodles of buildings, animals, new borns, etc.  Really quite good. photo below of the kind of thing she does.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • HEATHER – OH didn’t go out to lunch yesterday. When I left for food shop this morn, again he hadn’t decided; returning I found him snoozing in front of the TV! He tends to have different food out, mostly pizzas & seafood (especially prawns). I wouldn’t cook them the right way (!), so I don’t bother. At least this way he gets variety.

    OG – I can’t insist on OH making up his mind as being undecided seems to be a symptom of Parkinsons. I think when he goes to lunch now he has “same as last time”.

    DIANE & ANNETTE – Not so funny for you but a certain person does keep us amused. I enjoyed the thought of an arrest warrant being taken out.

    Grand Design noises today are echoing banging noises. Ah ha, they must be working on the interior.

    Food shop was not pleasant. A lot of grumpy people and larger numbers than previous weeks. Our restrictions were eased this week, so perhaps more people coming “out of the woodwork”. My store had toilet paper limits again. More items limited at Coles & WW. Because idiots in VIC are stockpiling, so too here. 36 suburbs in Melbourne have reverted to “stay at home unless for food, health, work or exercise.”

  • The philosopher who said that work well done never needs doing over, never weeded a garden. (Ray D. Everson)

    What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

    A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows. (Doug Larson)

    A weed is a plant that is not only in the wrong place but intends to stay. (Sara Stein)

  • Good Morning. Damp & cloudy here. We intend to go out to B&Q for a list of hardware stuff, plus maybe get some plant supports as we have several plants which are flopping around now they've grown so well in the rain. My OH had the sole come off one of his sandals completely the other day, so intends to try & glue it back on again!

    Like the weedy quotes, AQ. Love the eagles, and the description that they're just "hanging out together."

    First of July already! My diary says we are exactly half way through the year, which is a sobering thought.
  • Good morning (late afternoon) LINDA. Rather dark and gloomy. Forecast for gusty winds. I wasn’t worried until they said emergency shelters would be open tonight for the park bench sleepers.
  • Well done, Wendy, on forgoing your procedure for a while: don't suppose there will be many other people thinking of others.

    Lynette, congrats on a new member of the family, always exciting.

    I found the card I'd lost - it was back in the box of ready made cards where I no doubt put it to save me searching for it again! Ho hum.

    Postscript also to The Dog Story -- Sue has a vet appointment this afternoon where she is hoping to get some advice about the problem.

  • I'm not surprised that you and OH are worried about Sue and Lulu, LINDY. Can Lulu walk?

  • Very good roast veg with Cheshire cheese and Balsamic vinegar - cooked by E-E with no help or advice from me – for main meal lunch. He’s now gone to the Re-cycling Centre (“the tip”) which has at last opened for re-cycling this week – they were only accepting rubbish the last three weeks, despite kerb-side collections continuing for general waste. He managed to book the next slot to the one he already had, so will have 20 minutes rather than 10 to unload it all.

    Meat delivery arrived from butcher (actually delivered by the undertaker who is helping out). Asda delivery due this evening. OH has also chopped up some Rhubarb for freezing – busy day.

    J’s dept virtual meeting was moved to today, so that is his official end of term – teams to help any children who ask are staying live, so he might get some questions or shouts for help.

    LINDA – I had two consecutive better nights, which benefits OH too. Sorry you are so worried about Sue and Lulu – I hope you found all you needed in B&Q. We have a good hardware shop in town here – sometimes find obscure things which are difficult to source elsewhere. Glad the missing birthday card turned up – so, now, where did you put that number to stick on, LOL. I hope Vet will be able to identify Lulu’s leg problem and have a quick and easy solution.

    WENDY – very good of you to give that appointment away – I know your trigger fingers have been troubling you for a long while now.

    LYNETTE – how nice to welcome a baby into the family, whatever the relationship to yourselves.

    AQ – when I wrote about insisting OH make his mind up, I did suddenly think it might be due to his Parkinson’s – forgive me. Sorry problems in VIC are impinging on SA, especially stockpiling and rationing returning.

    HEATHER – I don’t seem to have said anything to you for a while – so: Hello!
  • On BBC news: "A cross-border "cluster" of coronavirus cases between Dumfries and Galloway and England is being investigated, confirmed Prof Jason Leitch" - mentioned Annan and Gretna - sorry, I have to say it: please close the border!