• I don't know how to do a link but Ems put a little video on FB a few minutes ago withthe thunder clap
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    patily said:
    I don't know how to do a link but Ems put a little video on FB a few minutes ago withthe thunder clap

    This is what you want Patily. Make sure you have sound on!

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • Intruder over the nest a few minutes ago.

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    Idris delivered a fish a few minutes ago. Telyn now feeding.

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  • Looks very wet Chicks trying to shyffle more under mum
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    Some snaps from this morning so far :)

    Rain-blobbed Idris with headless fish - might have been breakfish:

    Don't know what Telyn was looking up at:

    Idris brought a whole mullet:

    But Telyn didn't turn up for it so he took it up to the perch, where he had a lot of trouble controlling it, even after he'd started eating:

    (Telyn did get to feed the chicks from it later.)

    Then, oh dear, due to tech issues I switched off the download monitoring and forgot to switch it back on again, I'll have gaps on all nests.

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     Idris de-heading another fish:

    Down to the nest:

    No-one was famished, Telyn flew off leaving this much on the nest:

    Idris watched his wife bring in a decent stick:

    Off she flew again, Idris still idling on the perch ;)

    Back with another stick!

    By the time she returned with the next consignment Idris had left:

    Resting after a busy spell, but still alert - standing like this, she reminds me of the Queen Mother and my Grandmother ;-*

    They both look as tho they've been for a bathe - unfortunately we didn't get a zoom on them:

    Off flew Telyn, returned with yet more nest material, Idris still just watching!

    More !!!

    Idris brought this fish to the nest (the very best pic I can get of it):

    28 minutes later, he brought in another, bigger:

    At 19:15 Telyn was standing by the huddled-down chicks, with the weather sounding very unfriendly:

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  • Mullet are a shoal fish, and in the summer months are never far from the surface.
    Once a shoal is found it's pretty easy to catch a few for the nest.

    Richard B

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    Dyfi family on a very windy nest....

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  • Thank you for the mullet info, RICHARD.

    And thank you, KARIANNE, for the one and only snap for today, which is worth cicking on to enlarge    I'll just have a look for major events, like fish ;)

    Weather was horrible, Telyn was sheltering the chicks when this stick got blown onto them and Telyn eventually got up and replaced it on the fence:

    Breakfish was a very long time coming and there was some mysterious behaviour by the parents, either both standing braced on the nest or being absent altogether, once for about 50 minutes - absent from the cam entirely, in fact :o

    Post-poop flap and who was up there?

    Breakfish at last, obviously headless on delivery:

    More of Telyn and Idris standing on the nest for long periods, as they did before the fish:

    Another stick blown out of place, this time Idris and a chick tried to sort it - I think it went over the edge:

    I made it 5 hours from when Idris left the nest to when he returned with a fish - and it was a fine whole fish:

    I lost track of time but it was another 2-3 hours until Idris brought the next fish, which descended in a fuzz due to failing light, but this cropped shot shows it was a flounder:

    Idris eventually flew off over our heads, I didn't see him again.  Telyn sheltered the chicks for the night, so far.

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