WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey) SUNDAY MAY 17, 2020


    We can't help blaming ourselves when we feel responsible for harm to wildlife. A friend who lives close by and very near to the Moray Firth tells me that a Minke Whale caught in netting has been washed up. So sad that we have been responsible through carelessness and neglect.

    Yes AQ was right The title of the jigsaw was "One Hundred Cats and a Fish" and there are others in the series though I think they are no longer available.
  • DIBNLIB – I didn’t see a fish. I must check back!

    During last weekend’s visit to Little People I delivered an old scrapbook I found when decluttering. I also talked about my visit in 2008 to Kingussie Wildlife Park. Today, to keep in touch with them, I emailed 3 photos I had taken of a bison, markhor & snowy owl. Here is the email Dau has just sent:-

    Hi Gran, Great pictures! "There was a European bison in your scrap book." "I love those twisty horns." "Hey did Gran take these pictures? [Yes.]" "There's a feather in the background too." "Le'me see!" "Can we look at the scrap book for bedtime story again? [Yes.]"

  • Annette and anyone interested: Here's the Antelope Valley, California poppy bloom photographed from space. There's a full gallery if you click on the arrows to see more. (It's on Weather.com and is safe.)

    Lindy: Here are Himalayan Blue Poppies. I thought you might like them. (It's a Facebook page and is safe, according to my security software.)

  • Diane:  Thanks for the photos of the poppies.  We haven't heard Word 1 about the California bloom this year.   I checked and the Landsat 8 satellite that took the photos is 438 miles up!   The Himalayan poppies are gorgeous and such a delicate color....

  • In reply to aquilareen:

    AQ You will need to enlarge jiggie to see the fish and even then it is not easy. do you want to find it yourself or will I tell you?
  • Hello everyone -
    Good to read your news from yesterday, overnight and today. Thank you.
    I'm not in a good mood, sorry to say. Too many of my friends (not on here!) are ignoring guidelines about socialising and what is worse, seem to be happy doing so. I'd give anything to give my children and grandchildren a big hug .....
    I hope to feel happier tomorrow !
  • Heather - Wish I could give YOU a big hug! It's tough. Spending time online via Zoom is good, but it's not the same as feeling those arms around you and the quiet word in the ear. I so agree with you about people socialising. And your rules - now - are stronger than ours. I didn't think I would ever agree with Nicola Sturgeon, but right now she is head and shoulders above Boris in my estimation. My neighbours have two visitors this afternoon. They are all sitting out on the lawn, but we have been told strictly 'no visitors' and it annoys me that some people assume the rules don't apply to them!

    Diane - Those blue poppies were amazing!

    It's really warm and sunny here, after a pretty grey morning. We are expecting a couple more good days … it does help.
  • I realised that although I had read the 1st couple of posts, earlier, I hadn't posted here today. I spent ten minutes writing a long post just now and it promptly disappeared before I had ever even posted.

    Thank you to Annette to starting us off again.

  • Another example of Evolution in Action (from the LA Times): Police were called to investigate a party where more than 100 people had gathered. They heard a gunshot and found that one of the attendees had accidentally shot himself in the groin....     I really mustn't, I really mustn't, but .....   :-)