WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey) SUNDAY MAY 17, 2020

Just getting us going.....

  • Thanks, Annette. I realized that I was completely out of everything (!!!), and I needed to walk up to the little general store in town and get some food and water before our thunderstorms arrive. Hope you're okay.  

  • Hey Diane:  We're fine; hope your storms don't do any damage....

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette: Try not to feel guilt about the crow. Anytime people and wildlife live in close proximity, unforeseen events can and will happen.

    Back in the days of the Great Depression, before companies could be hired for weekly garbage pick-up, my ancestors used to burn and bury garbage on an isolated spot on this land. Unknown to me, some of the broken glass bottles had worked up to the surface and were exposed. A beautiful red fox cut her foot on one of the glass shards, and I saw her limping. I felt awful and terribly guilty, and I still do. I saw her later, and I think she fully recovered, but I was just sick to think that I'd caused her pain, and she had young at the time. (I immediately found the bottles and properly disposed of them.)

    Lindy: I've enjoyed your lovely flowers. I really loved the primulas. They are glorious.

    Pat: Congrats to you on seeing the wildlife! 

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette: WHAT HAPPENED in Los Angeles? I've just seen the news of the explosion, the major emergency declaration, and the Mayday call. I haven't seen any determination of the cause. Hope you're safe, A. 

    EDIT: My thoughts are with the brave firefighters, especially the injured.

  • Los Angeles looks dreadful, scary.
  • Thanks ANNETTE for giving us a new week. It hasn’t started well in your area. How do they fight a fire like that. I do hope the injured are not too bad.

    Thanks DIANE for the alert, else I would have been unaware until this evening’s news.

    DIBNLIB – MissL would think your jigsaw great – all those cats. She is good at puzzles but couldn’t manage that yet. I have 100-piece puzzles for the twins birthday.

    Planning to get some “fact” books for them, I asked their favourite animals. MissJ said puppies, pandas, penguins & foxes. OK, mammals perhaps? MissL said cats & unicorns. Not too many non-fiction books about unicorns. . .

  • Just a thought
    There are many beautiful things but the silent beauty of a flower surpasses them all. (Sofu Teshigahara)

  • Diane:  Good grief!  Didn't know anything, but the online LA Tines said  it was an explosion in a Little Tokyo warehouse that stored honey butane oil.  And yes some firefighters hurt..

  • AQ:  A non-fiction book about unicorns, eh?  Well.  Good luck with that one.  Thanks for ID-ing the cats in dibnlib's jigsaw.

  • Diane:  Lots of reports about the fire but too tired to wait up for the late night news.  I guess the explosion set off some smaller fires.  Did you ever find out if the fox survived?  At least it wasn't you who disposed of the glass - I actually put the darn wire up!

    Off to bed.  Have a good Sunday all.