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    I wound back Sandra and I agree - I heard at least 11 shots which I thought were so regular they might be a local farmer's bird scarer? But later ones were more frequent. I'm pretty sure the bird is an osprey, flushed from the trees, and I heard chipping. Very worrying.

    The shots seem to have stopped, and we're back to the microphone-muncher. The bird is still there on the tree top and another recently joined it but I think that one's a crow.

    EDIT live now, and the shots are back but further away

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    Yes,  a crow I think too, I heard 'cawing'. Thanks Korky

    12:11 Bird in flight on its way to the tree to join the osprey. It landed in the lower branches

    Shots seem to be more distant now. I recall Ian mentioning a clay pigeon shooting range nearby, last season


  • Well remembered Sandra, I sort of remember now you mention it! I would very much doubt that such an establishment would be active during lockdown however, with some of the inconsistent interpretations, you never know. Ian
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    Thanks Ian, I agree as it's non-essential
  • Well , from your pic Sandra I reckon the bird in flight towards what is definitely an Osprey in the tree is an Osprey. Mmmm, no, I won't change my mind    :O

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    Haha, ok Cirrus  It did look slightly smaller after it landed on the lower branches. If only there was someone to zoom in

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    Sandra P said:
    11:58 Gunshots. Chipping heard.

    Starting @ 11:56 but not continuing as long as you and Korky heard/saw stuff - not including the second bird, for example: