• Feed still in progress but one fast asleep Has she/he already eaten?
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    15 JUNE

    (I've had major laptop probs this morning so am too pushed to be more than ultra-sketchy.)

    First delivery from Dylan that I spotted - landed on a chick of course:

    5 minutes later Seren went a got this gurt clod with attachments!

    She did cause a mess while sorting sticks but it all turned out OK:

    First oncam fish, reported by AG - another perch?

    A bit after noon something was going on with Seren - she was "staggering" around the nest, looking expectant - the chick now under her was clucking non-stop :-/

    It came to nothing...except rain >:(

    I can't show off my newly-acquired fish ID skills for this one:

    Dylan had just dropped off (onto a chick, of course) this substantial slab of bark, which had blurred on the way in:


    At closure, a couple of minutes early, Seren was behind a smudge, so no snap.

    No stampedes for fish, often one hanging back and getting itself fed later - and I didn't get the impression it ws #3 every time.  They all seem to be doing well, without a Louis-style fish-machine as provider ;)

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  • One fish at 10.10 this morning and another in the rain at 4.30 p.m. There has been some very heavy rain at LC this afternoon - 5F/Seren was finding it difficult to keep the bobs under her. The rain also seems to affect the 4G; the feed is running about 20 minutes behind as I write. It does look like another very orderly feed with the three lined up and taking what they are given.
  • Yesterday's footage has only just become available, it was showing as live, buffering at close-down. I've got it going now.

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  • There has been a feed this morning - I see they have moved the time stamp to bottom left corner, I preferred it where it was up in the top right corner, as it was a lot clearer to read. (Just saying )

    ~Wing stretches~


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    scylla said:
    Yesterday's footage has only just become available, it was showing as live, buffering at close-down. I've got it going now.

    In view of your captures this morning, MARY (thank you!), I think I'll give yesterday a miss.  I'm trying to cover Peter Carnyx's Kestrels, one soon to fledge, and getting behind with every other commitment :(

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    Mary now the bobs have grown they zoomed the camera out, and the top right date stamp got very difficult to read against the sky, which is why they have moved it.
  • Thank You AG for the explanation, much appreciated, all makes sense now. 

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  • Dylan just brought a bit of a tiddler
  • Fish at 11.59, 13.45, and 15.34. There was an unringed female intruder around at the time of the second fish - didn't appear on camera but John Williams photographed it. He felt it was not a 2 year old as it was regrowing primary and tail feathers; he thought he had seen the under-wing pattern before and is going to compare some older shots.