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    Sandra P said:

    13:00 Skydancing, NC0 was on the nest at the time. She flew off at 13:06

    I couldn't hear it but I thought as much.  Shan't be covering it, a Windows Update has left my network glay-sea-ul too :'(  So what with one thing and another...

    What have I got?  It's all a blur...

    Laddie's been bringing in bales of hay and clods:

    Plenty matings, most of them successful... this was a very good one in the end:

    See the perfect fantail :)

    But this was a big slide-off when he flew in from the left and straight to it ;)

    She sat in the nestcup for a minute:

    Later she almost did a nestcupping:

    Tiger's Osprey Info & World Bird Cams

  • She seems to think there's a fish in the offing...

    Tiger's Osprey Info & World Bird Cams

  • Thank you Ian. I belatedly 'got it'
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    scylla said:
    FISH !!! !!! !!!


    She took it off the nest to eat


  • Thanks for all posts/photos. It's too slow for me to do much at all
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    Wow!! this has speeded up.
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    Cathy said:
    Wow!! this has speeded up.

    Until 1 May (you heard it here first, actually second I have already made the same prediction on another thread)! Ian

  • Hallelujah - we have operations back to normal :-)  (I think) 

    A great opening thread Sandra.....

    Here is a little video of NC0 trying out the nest cup for size @ 08.05 am this morning.....