LOCH OF THE LOWES - March 2020

2019 season summary: Laddie (LM12) arrived back from migration on Friday 15th March; Lassie (LM15) on Saturday 23rd March. Lassie laid 3 eggs on 4th, 7th and 10th April, hatching 11th, 12th and 16th May. Sadly, on 26th May the third chick died. The remaining two chicks were ringed on 26th June as follows: #1 Blue PT4 (M)* #2 Blue PT5 (M)*.  They successfully fledged and subsequently set off for their first migration on 14th/15th August. Laddie left around the same time as the youngsters and it is thought that Lassie had already started her journey south approximately 2 weeks prior.

* Updated to both being female © Uk Ospreys

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Both Ospreys (unringed) have been a breeding pair on this nest since 2015, after the iconic 'Lady' failed to return.

Laddie/Lassie identifying features (LotL Blog, April 2019 - (C) SWT/LotL) >>>


Copyright Scottish Wildlife Trust/Loch of the Lowes 

Looking forward to Laddie and Lassie's safe homecoming and a very successful 2020 breeding season

Laddie (LM12) arrived back to LotL at 15:33 on 21st March. Blog here>