• Catch up -

    16:45 when 33 arrived with a stick

    then stood beside Maya - a couple of nice captures of the two of them

    17:21  33 arrives with another stick - flips over and balances on his back

    17:54  Maya returns after a break with a bit of bark which they both nibble at

    17:55 33 fiddles with a stick he brought in earlier

    17:56  33 flies off and as Maya moves in to incubate I am saying "watch those talons Maya!!

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  • Lovely captures KAREN the ones of them posing togther ar so endearing
    Not long now Less than a week
  • Morning all

    7:48 Intruder around, it hovered above Maya on the nest (could see its legs on wide screen), she took off to chase. She's settled back on the nest now.

    Sorry, no captures

  • In reply to Sandra :

    7:53 B33 has landed to be with Maya, he's mantling. Now laying next to her but both still on alert - chipping


  • In reply to Sandra :

    7:59 B33 flew from the nest, I couldn't see him chasing anything

  • Not long to wait now Karen - around a week to go , then its all systems GO 

    2019 - 1st Egg laid 2nd April 3.30 pm

    2020 - 1st Egg laid 29th March Circa around 9 pm

    2019 - 1st Chick seen  11th of May 6.24 pm

    2020 - ???

     EJ's Memorial    Balgavies Loch Ospreys 2021

  • Morning ALL - now 32 days since the first egg was laid

    Thanks Sandra for earlier updates

    I looked in when I first woke hoping to catch the sunrise which I missed but 33 had arrived with a fish for Maya

    06:09 Fish

    Maya flew off leaving 33 to take over incubating

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  • Mary - thanks for last year's egg dates. Yes not long to go now.

    I think first hatch is usually 35-37 days so we will all be on Hatch Watch peering at the screen for the first pip, crack from 3 May. Eggciting !!

  • About the eggs - something to note is that Maya did not delay incubating the first egg this year. She and 33 incubated the first egg from when it was laid unlike last year!

    The result of the delayed incubation last year was that eggs #1 and #2 hatched on the same day - 11 May. So #1 & #2 were like twins in size, then there was #3 and #4.

    This year if Egg #1 hatches two days ahead of Egg #2, then #3 and #4 there is going to be a massive difference between #1 and #4 - much more than last year.

    Hatching dates will be interesting this year !!
  • FISH 10:50

    Maya was calling and 33 arrived with a fish

    Maya quick took it and flew off with it and 33 checks the eggs


    then settles down

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