Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 22 March 2020

  • Hello! Sunshine and very warm. Gardening continues!
    Butcher said on FaceBook that they are delivering, so I have a meat delivery to the doorstep tomorrow, as well as cheese coming from Cheshire. OH will make a short trip for vegetables.
    A lot of people out walking - some in groups of 6 together, not anywhere near 2 metres apart! I don't think they know how far 2 metres actually is!
    J got his driving license back today - 3 months after telling them he was clear of any seizures! Can't go anywhere, but he was glad to collect his keys which I had been looking after for him.
  • A few neighbours at windows or outside clapping the NHS at 8pm :-) And yes, I was one of them !

  • OG so pleased that J has his new but restricted freedom:-)
    Worried about youngest in her role in the community but she sent me a video of her neighbours clapping and setting off the odd firework. Just so need to give her a humungus hug :-)
  • We're still wiping our eyes after going outside at 8.00pm , not expecting anyone else - but it was impressive, there seemed to be someone outside every house. All clapping madly, and I & someone else also banging on a saucepan with a spoon. Stopped that after a bit as children might be asleep next door.

    Girl in the next street has put up a mini film of the scene and the sounds of us all.

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    OG -- Great news for J. That must have given him a lift. Isn't it good to get out in the garden? It's been warm for the time of year here, too.

  • Struck down with this dizziness today so have been resting all day. Must get off to bed early tonight and see what tomorrow brings. Feeling a little better now..


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Am I associating with a bunch of criminals? Tut Tut. Walking your dogs in disguise!!! Our stay-at-home rules allow daily exercise, while keeping social distancing. The 2 m has also been described as 2 arm lengths.

    Some people just don’t get it – two of the US travel group who contracted the virus in the Barossa, two of them caught a plane interstate and on to home country, before their test results came back positive. Irresponsible, putting so many others at risk. We have decent health care here.

    In small doses to prevent backache, it has taken me 3 days to dig up & split the overgrown clump of daylilies (Haemerocallis). I replanted a few and the rest have gone in the green bin for next week’s collection. It was made more difficult when I discovered a large root from OH’s precious crab apple growing through the middle of clump. I carefully extricated the root, mentioned it to OH . . . and he took his snips and cut off the exposed section. If I had done that . . . ! Enuff said.

  • Just a thought:
    Friends are like angels who lift us to our feet, when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly. (Anon)
  • I thought the applause for the NHS last night was very moving. I saw some of my neighbours at their doors, clapping. There were sounds all around us of clapping and cheering - they are doing a wonderful job in an unprecedented situation - God bless them all. And all the volunteers coming forward to help. This sort of crisis brings out the best in people. Sadly, at the start, when people were stripping supermarket shelves, it also brought out the worst in some people, but thankfully that seems to have stopped now.

    AQ - Two friends of mine are stuck in Sydney. They went for three weeks and were due back earlier this week. Just 24 hours before they were due to leave, all flights were cancelled. They have no idea how long they will be there now. Fortunately they are staying with his brother,
  • PAT – I do hope your friends keep well and heed the “stay home” rules. They could be DownUnder for a while.

    Today’s bans require any Aussies returning from overseas to quarantine  for 14 days in specified hotel in the city of their arrival. Our state has added that any then coming home to SA will face a further 14 days isolation.

    Much anger at those allowed off cruise ship Ruby Princess with no checks or isolation. Of the 2700 passengers, 162 have since tested positive. The passengers have spread across the country taking the virus with them.

    On a cheerier note, houses in one suburb have been displaying teddy bears in front windows to amuse families taking a walk. (We are still allowed out to exercise.)