Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 22 March 2020

  • PS. Tried to get on to the Morrison's grocery line -- "There could be a delay" it said.... then it put up a notice about how many people were in the queue: I had to read it slowly, it was 17, 496!!!!

  • WOW!!! I tried on three sites this morning and they have all blocked any future dates for either delivery or Click and Collect. What about those over 70 with underlying health issues? A friend went to our local Sainsbury's this morning - plenty of room in the car park, no queues, helpful staff ensuring social distancing, shelves packed with almost everything (oddly enough, a shortage of things like hand cream and toothpaste). Only one till working, but she didn't have to wait very long. I now have a full freezer and fridge so am self-sufficient for a couple of weeks or so. Lindy, hope you manage to get a delivery soon …
  • Thanks, Pat. We are OK, as we left a full larder & freezer, when we went away, and we've twice had milk left for us.

    I had a feeling I'd better stock up on things like washing tablets, tissues and loo roll.... glad I did now. I was trying to get onto a grocery delivery service ready for in 2 or 3 weeks when were desperate.

  • Another pic, specially for Annette -- she mentioned magnolias

    This one is in the garden of the house opposite. You can see the roof of my car "Ruby," a red Fiesta.

  • Lindy - Lovely magnolia. Ours, just opposite my kitchen window, looks very similar. It's a good year for magnolias, I think. Our daffodils have done really well too. And the blossoms are just starting. Going to be pretty in a week or so.
  • We went to our Tesco store yesterday. No queues and got nearly everything we want and this was after the hour set aside for vulnerable people. I have never shopped on line as so much prefer to choose for myself esp fruit and veg, but have to admit it is a sensible thing to do at the mo....if you can get a suitable delivery slot.
  • Well I sinned again and did 2 walks... changed dogs not my coat. Took them to the deserted local golf course which was totally empty apart from someone mowing the moss. I kept my distance.
    Cairngorms National Park has closed off all car parks to deter the escaping camper vans .
    As you know the swede is a Scottish staple. Once I ordered one and it was replaced by one half. Why didn’t they send 2 halves!!!!!
  • Morning all:  

    Lindybird:  Yes, folks aged 60+ (that's our youth-oriented society for you!) have special hours or - at one store - a separate line.   Thanks for magnolia pix - are they those huge, cup-shaped blooms? I took a photo of our orange tree at sunset the other evening.  The oranges were glowing against a dark stormy cloud, but didn't translate to anything worth keeping.  Oranges are still a month away from being ripe and look unusually small this year.   Tangerine tree is about to burst into blossom though.  Wish I could post a whiff of that.

    I've never bought food online. When it comes to fruit and veggies, I like to choose them myself.

    Just spoke to sister and BiL (his birthday) in Lincolnshire, where they're in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

    Take care all....

  • Yes, Annette. Cup shaped and usually either white or pale pink, although I've seen smaller trees with exotic deep magenta blooms. My small one is supposed to be white with a rosy hue on the deep interior, but doesn't seem to have much colour - however they're lovely "cups".

  • I've not ordered food online although we do get big sacks of dogfood delivered for Bonnie, as she has dried food with a big spoonful of tinned meat popped on top.

    Just spent nearly an hour talking on phone to my late Friends OH, who sounded quite depressed but who has neighbours kindly doing his shopping, which is a great help. He has a local park where he can walk his little dog, and that gets him out of the house. I've told him to ring me anytime.