MANTON BAY - March 2020

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    Sheila, thank you for the information/history re B25(10)
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    He came back with another stick

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  • Super informative post on previous page, SHEILA, thank you :-*

    I'm not sure I'll manage a stick video, no matter how deserved - maybe a slide-show will have to suffice.  We'll see.


  • Wow, fab news! Just need Maya now.
  • Thanks, Everyone, What a good day! Thanks, Sheila, for the history details. I hope Maya returns. 25(10) must remember that Manton Bay is Maya's nest, not hers, so if Maya returns, with luck there will be no, or not much, of a battle. If Maya does not return, then it will be interesting to see what happens next, especially if 25(10)'s regular mate returns. Would 25 go back to her regular partner and nest or would she choose to stay on Manton Bay? Forgotten just where I heard it and I hope it is correct, but I was under the impression that 25(10) and 11(10) (Glesni's brother) have raised chicks together right up through 2018 and possibly last year, too, at one of the other 9 nests in the vast area around Rutland Water, not sure which nest site. He was mentioned occasionally fishing at River Gwash last year! So I presume he had a successful nest then, too. If he returns, perhaps he will be spotted there or somewhere and reported.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • I think we will get updates on returnees from Gwash River!!  A useful source of info

    Looking very relaxed in each other's company

    33 flew off and has returned with another stick, and a spot of nest cupping!

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  • It looks like there is more than 2 birds back at Rutland, as there was a bit of chase just going on.
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    Yes, saw that Jane. B33 took off to chase

    Intruder? flying by (on the right side)

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  • Hi Everyone - thanks for all the captures and videos. Fantastic coverage.

    Alan has not long reported on the sightings thread of one in Manton Bay. Could it be another is back?

    33 has now returned and mantling! Someone about!!

    c LRWT