MANTON BAY - March 2020

  • In reply to Karen:


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  •  Is that Maya as well as 33?

  • My goodness like buses, not 1 but 2.
  • From actions I do think that Blue 33 is back !!

    The other is also a blue ringed so not Maya

  • Sorry SO excited I forgot to say Good Morning all

    Was that another osprey flying around in the background?
  • Hi Patily. I thought there was a third one in view too.
    Both birds definitely ringed.

    Birdies LG DU update.

  • In reply to Mike:

    I have a screengrab where there are 3 birds in the sky. I thought maybe an Osprey chasing other birds but it could be 3 Ospreys. Exciting.
  • The non-mantling osprey looks like 25 on the ring
  • It is certainly a bold bird, not at all put off.
  • Mating attempt!!!

    short vid