MANTON BAY - March 2020

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    I agree, Patily, hope they all return safely; I especially hope Clarach finds a good partner and preferably on her Aberfoyle nest or on another nest with a camera (and without Corvids!)

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Oh dang !!!  Due to a mystery malfunction with Bandicam screen-capturer, I've got a crucial hour missing from the dawn nest !!!

    The Cormorant spent the night peacefully and eventually settled on the left edge.  About 15 (???) minutes ago an EG landed and stood on the right side - no activity from either, then eventually the Cormorant flapped 'n flapped, then approached the goose flapping and the goose (having been flapping too) flew off.

    Because I'm working on something else, I'm seeing all that from the corner of my eye, blithely looking forward to playing it back and doing a vid so not bothering to catch every detail - and then it wasn't there !!!  No recording since 5 past midnight !!!

    I've worked it out.  Probably I double-tapped the record hotkey to stop/restart at an interesting point, but the second tap didn't register (too light-fingered, me) so it stayed off until I did some more tapping after the hostile birds had left.

    And no rollback on MB, of course :'(

    EG just landed again.

    Nothing can console me ;)


  • The EG got driven off by a pair, which has since left.


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    7:13 OSPREY! A brief landing on the nest before flyaway

    Copyright LRWT

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    Great Sandra and think this tail Doh!! Hope Scylla can see ringin your scap


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    Lol Kate :)
    Yes, I hope Scylla can read the ring, it's a bit blurry when I enlarge my scap but think I can see a 3 as the first number? Probably wishful thinking!

  • I was not quick enough on the fly over nest maybe Scylla will get something from that when she replays....


  • Morning All - well captured Sandra.

    How exciting - hopefully Scylla has a recording also it lands again and we get a closer look.
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    Morning Karen, Kate and all
    Thanks, I was in shock to see it on the nest tbh! :)
  • Back on the nest 

    Here is a short video