Loch Garten webcams.

  • And an appreciative Thank You from me too Fergus
  • Thanks for the further update Fergus. I so agree with you, we are all going through such a horrid time with distancing and isolation and not really knowing what the next day brings. It would be lovely to see a pair settle at LG. Fingers and toes crossed!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • What a lovely place the new centre will be _/|\_

    2016: first time in history an Osprey nested in the NL. 2018: 2 active nests! 2019: a winterstorm took that first nest down. Here comes 2020.

  • Hello lovely folks,

    The Covid19 situation is constantly developing, and as of this morning all work on the centre has come to a close. This means that we probably won't have cameras running by the beginning of the season. I think we all feel some level of sadness around this as it would be lovely to have a live feed on the nest to keep us company with all the time we are going to be spending at home. In light of this, I have been trying my hand at a bit of podcasting to keep you all in the loop. This is my first time of doing anything like this so if you have any ideas of what you would like to hear or any questions, it would be nice to have your input too. Enjoy!

  • Thank You very much Fergus for updating us..... I will miss visiting you this season.    As for Podcasting, just be your usual cheery self   

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  • That's wonderful thank you so much Fergus!! You're a natural! Please keep us informed if you can about whether/when (?) we have ospreys back on the nest. And maybe post some snaps from the feeders?? Sadly, I think RSPB Loch Garten and indeed all RSPB reserves are now completely shut, as of this morning.
  • Thank you for the updates and podcast, Fergus. What a nice personal touch!

    Between EJ not returning and some personal circumstances, I just couldn't follow the nest last season. Talons crossed for a new beginning this year, on camera or off.
  • Totally understandable that work has stopped and as much as we would love a webcam it is again understandable the reasons why not , in the main all the main webcams are up and running so we are lucky enough to have a window on the world . The government has advised that all 'non essential' work should be stopped lets hope all projects follow that important information . Take care everyone and stay safe .


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    MaryGK said:

    Such a shame for the construction workers, staff at LG, volunteers and contributors to this and other threads. The disappointment is palpable in the blog.

    I have no wish whatsoever to self isolate, but if I had to, then I know that there is only 1 place in the world I would want to be to make the lonely time pass much more quickly. It would be in that forward hide that holds so many fond memories.

    Stay safe all.