Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 9 February 2020

  • Thank you, Diane. It does sound rather extreme, but then we don't get the dramatic weather you're used to, there.

    Good Morning Everyone. A very pretty blue & pink sky, here, which is now fading and turning to sunny and bright. The storms should hit us tomorrow.

    My OH got up in the night and heaved: he said he wasn't actually sick but spent ages trying to be. I've told him to eat bland food today. I seem to be OK, although we both ate an identical diet yesterday - fingers crossed.

  • LINDA -- I hadn't seen your post yesterday evening - it must have appeared while I was writing! Glad you found something suitable for wee Rosie - and a Sauce Pan - their kitchenware department is always good. Enjoy your special meal today - I hope your OH will be fit to eat it!

    Busy domestic day today here. OH at Tesco right now. No plans for the weekend due to weather forecast.
  • I was also wondering about your Valentine's meal, LINDY ....
    ROSY - sorry about the delay for OH but a holiday sounds great! I've never been to Malta but according to PAT and LINDY you will enjoy. Looking forward to hearing about it.
    LYNETTE - so sorry to read about your brother in law. It is even worse for the family, I think, as he has been in such robust health all his life. It would have been such a shock.
    OG - good that you have a rail at the front door, easier and safer for you. I take it there have been no more false alarms at school?
    I am making replies from memory - will kick myself into gear and hope to come here later!
  • Our sunshine went, to be replaced by grey scudding clouds, and occasional drizzle! Ugh. It's very cold, too. It's says 9 degrees on my phone but I'm sure it's nothing like that - I'm wearing two scarves in spite of the heating being on!

    Makes me look forward to our holiday in less than a month - just printed the plane tickets as we're off to The Canaries in March, once again. The weather out there has been quite settled lately: it's Spring out there and can be changeable at this time of year - sometimes it even rains! My OH seems OK, he's sore of course, in his tum, but managed his morning porridge and some toast with a mug of soup just now. We still aren't sure why but I threw out some ham which we had for lunch yesterday, just in case. We're going to "review the situation" as they say, about whether to eat our rack of lamb tonight

  • I've stopped buying packs of ham etc, LINDY as I don't want the same thing two days running in a sandwich and I get worried by the third day, sniffing it, and so forth. Consequently I eat a lot of cheese and buy baby tins of tuna and make egg mayonnaise for sandwiches. One of the bugbear of living alone, I suppose !

  • Morning was warm dry but dull. Rain arrived later, Local weather warnings not good for weekend.

    Back on antibiotics - phone consultation booked for Monday. Scooter service also that day - hoping they don't clash!.

    HEATHER - no more fire alarms at school last two days - haven't heard about today yet.

    LINDA - good idea to throw ham away, but getting increasingly difficult to buy in small quantities as even delis seem to pre-pack these days. Enjoy your evening, with or without the rack of lamb.

    Best wishes to anyone else who is celebrating.
  • We've decided to postpone our dinner till tomorrow. Don't quite fancy Rack of Lamb.... I haven't been sick, but I do feel a little queasy and have a strange taste in my mouth. Never mind, it'll keep and maybe we'll have it tomorrow.  The birds enjoyed the remaining ham, which actually looked OK.

    Heather, I eat lots of those small tins of tuna - I especially like the ones flavoured with lemon. I have eaten tuna sandwiches for years, feeling quite virtuous that it was one of my helpings of "oily fish" which we're supposed to try to get each week, but last year I was disappointed to read that tinned tuna doesn't count! Boo! We have both fresh cut ham and those vacuum packed slices, but I have tried to cut down on eating it too often after hearing that we shouldn't have processed meat too often. We eat bacon only rarely. Don't even mention cheese - its a wonder I'm not yellow around the edges, the amount I get through.

    OG - Glad there have been no more fire alarms, such a nuisance.

    My OH bought me a present of a Euro Millions ticket for tonight! - perhaps we will be lucky, as we won a small amount on the Lottery the other day. Silly cards have been exchanged ("You're my favourite!!") but we don't usually buy gifts or flowers as its not long till our anniversary, when we do it all again.

  • Was going to put a pic of Malta on here, but now that my computer in its wisdom only shows me the reference number and not the actual picture, I can't upload it.  Bah!!

  • Another go...

    Fishermen on the rocky shores....

    The famous cathedral in Valletta.   Edit:  Not sure about that, now - there were so many churches and cathedrals, it might be a different one.

  • Xtra: no fire alarm today - they must have decided on a different piece of mischief!

    LINDA - if you are keeping the Lamb an extra day, I suggest you eat it "Well Done" rather than "Rare"! Sorry you are now queasy - hope you both feel better by tomorrow. Malta looks very clean in the pictures!