WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey) SUNDAY JANUARY 12, 2020

  • Lindybird:  Let's hear it for burly cousins!  Don't blame them for wanting to zoom off home - that's a lot of deliveries in one day.

    We are going out to dinner tonight - using up the gift certificate granddaughter gave us for Xmas.  Am also recording the latest Democratic debate among the remaining candidates.

    I was wondering how Forestboar is doing and also thinking we haven't heard from George for a long time...

    Take care all.

  • Good Morning. Just having my cuppa in bed, as I had another broken night, coughing, so my OH left me to sleep in today. Think I'll have to try sitting up tonight instead of laying down.

    Ironically, he's the one who's had the bad cold and is coughing during the day. But thank goodness, he's sleeping relatively well.

    Annette, I read your post as I went to bed so I was thinking of you and hoping you were enjoying your meal out.

    Rosy, the old arrangement was a very long sideboard with cupboards affixed to the wall, above. I can see that although this is a big piece it won't hold as much and doesn't have the amount of display area either, under glass. I'll have to put my small pieces of glass and tiny photos into another glass fronted cupboard I have in the room already. Going off to find my mobile phone as I took a photo of the smaller new cupboard - this was bought to put the tv on as my OH often uses that to watch sport when I'm in the sitting room.

    EDIT:  I also hope that ForestBoar is coping OK, and that George is alright.

  • Bah! - went to my page on here, on my mobile, and it's locked me out of the Site because it says it doesn't recognise my password <sigh>

  • LINDA - so glad you have someone to help OH lift the top onto the dresser. Are you going to strap the top to the wall to avoid accidents? Hope it sits well and that you still like it.

    Looks as if our trip to Dobbie's is on - wind gust forecast only 40 mph and decreasing, Probably lunch there, then cross the road for Cranston's Ullswater pie for tomorrow's lunch - including a slice for J's lunchbox. We are hoping to buy a new plant for the lounge - the Dragon Tree fell over just before Christmas - it was convenient to have the space at the time, but the corner looks rather bare now.
  • Thank goodness - the metal strip on my roof blew and bashed against the tiles all night as Brendan blew himself out. This morning it was dangling by just one clip right next to my front door, presenting a real problem to anyone approaching it. It has now been removed. Not sure whether it has damaged any tiles, and it's still wet and horrible out there (although the wind has dropped) so I'm not going out to investigate! I can see three trees lying on the ground at our ever-diminishing tree line, and I imagine there will be several more around the grounds. Again, I'm not going out to investigate right now! Looks like we are in for more rain for the next couple of days … wish I could send it to AQ to help with the problems down there.
  • Cancelled walk with a friend this morning as the forecast was for high winds and I thought the woods would be risky and scary. Hopefully see her next week instead. OH and I are off to Eden Court tomorrow to see a live screening of "Sleeping Beauty" and may go to see "1917" at the weekend. Any reviews would be appreciated.
  • Cupboard is in situ at last - burly cousin arrived and made short work of things. My OH has just attached it all to the wall with straps, as OG mentioned. Also made a small hole in the back of a shelf so that the stereo fits nicely tucked away. Poor Bonnie is somewhat traumatised by all the furniture moving and packing boxes around, and had to be comforted.

    Now I've got the big job of repacking, and tidying all my china and ornaments....

  • Dibnlib, think you did the right thing as it could be dangerous near big trees at the moment. "1917" has been highly praised, and is now in the Oscar nominations, but I've not seen it. It's on locally but I'm too busy to go and not in the right frame of mind for something like that at the moment, anyway. Hope you go, and enjoy it!

    The sun came out here, and my OH and I have been doing lots of furniture moving, as the old furniture is still muddling up the conservatory - we want to use some of it so have been measuring, and then cutting up, outside, the huge "lid" of the old sideboard. This will then form a new top over two cupboards and all will go into the study as useful storage. Other parts will be disposed of. Then (phew) we need to go to Ikea to buy a large wall unit to take all the books which are now homeless. Hopefully we will be able to go away in March leaving a tidier house!

  • dibnlib:  Haven't seen 1917 but was listening to film reviews on the radio and - as Lindybird said - it got good reviews, plus a friend of mine saw it and liked it.  One interesting fact was that the filmmakers dug a mile-long trench for a scene which involves a continuous shot that follows a character as he makes his way across the battlefield.  

    Lindybird:  I will need to go away in March too to rest up from all your furniture escapades. :-)   Dinner was good - as usual.   Are you off to Fuerteventura again?    Have you tried taking any of that stuff that quiets nighttime coughs?  

    OG:  Hope weather holds for your outing; good luck getting a plant for that corner.

    PatO; Good that the metal strip didn't decapitate anyone.  

    I'll have to have a word with the crows today.  Yesterday afternoon I looked out the window and saw several pieces of my transplanted dymondia laying on the ground, roots exposed. The darn crows figured out the soil was nice and wet and recently turned and so a good place to find bugs, worms, etc.  I found old pet gates, shade cloth, and other bits and bobs and laid them over the area after I replanted everything but must go get more shade cloth for the whole area today.  Really!  As if a whole-grain English muffin every morning isn't good enough!.  They'll be in here rooting around in the fridge at this rate.

    Take care all.

  • Annette - don't blame the crows - I love them. They are so clever and in my old house I had them same pair back every year to show me their new family - I did used to give them monkey nuts which they had to work at to get their reward. They seemed to know what time I got home from work and as soon as walked into my kitchen they would all be lined up on the fence. If I ignored them they would all shuffle up to get closer to the kitchen   what did you have for you dinner out? I hope I'm not the only one interested in what other people eat as I need inspiration to try different things.

    I hope you all survived the storm in the UK - last night in Suffolk was so noisy and very wet - but I made it into work although the roads were still partially flooded on way home.

    Diane and AQ - how are things in your neck of the woods - I hope things have calmed down and either cooled down or warmed up.

    Stay healthy all and its only a few days until the weekend!!