WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey) SUNDAY JANUARY 12, 2020

Hallo all.  Happy New Week.

  • OG: Hope no flooding in your area.
  • Thanks, Annette! Power is on, and I'm okay here. It's been a wild ride since Thursday night: heavy rain, fierce thunderstorms, widespread flooding, and now snow and ice. LOL!

    AQ: I so wished that I could have sent you all that rain.
  • Good Morning, and thank you to Annette for starting us off again on another new week.

    Sorry to hear about flooding from both OG and Diane. We do seem to be having more extreme weather all over the place.

    A very wet night here, and both of us have had a bad nights sleep. Might need to spend today recovering :-(

  • Thank you, ANNETTE -
    Sorry to read about your weather, DIANE. I hope that your roof is holding out and that you can keep warm.
    Good that J has got his slippers, OG! All ready for his hospital visit.
    LINDY - Do just rest today. And tie your OH to his armchair if necessary !
    I'm expecting a quiet day - unless Callum decides to wash his car which is fairly unlikely given the rain last night and earlier this morning. I haven't checked the rainfall radar yet. He has been spending most of his time, night and day at the home of his girlfriend's parents. My middle daughter misses him but he is 21 now and will leave the nest eventually....
  • Bumping this up, as Dibnlib has inadvertently posted on the old thread.....

    We've been out to lunch at a garden centre, where we both plumped for a warming slice of cheese & onion pie. My OH had chips with his, but I had garden veg. When mine arrived, it still had a few chips on the side, so I forced them down! Looked at the Sale items but came away with only some pea seeds (my OH) and some sunflower seeds for our garden birds. Resting now as we're both pooped!

  • Glad you're OK, Diane: it sounded bad there, but I hope you've still got power.

  • Lindybird!  Out and about again - in spite of being pooped two days ago.  Good thing these garden center's serve food to keep you both going.

    OG:  dibnlib post on last week's thread carried good wishes for J's surgery....

    Heather:  Maybe Callum will start washing his car at his girl friend's house.  :-)  

  • ANNETTE - he would have to remove all his posh cleaning liquids etc, have use of a pressure washer and a Nana who faithfully washes and dries all his cleaning cloths! But of course that will happen at some point. And my garage will have a lot more space....
  • ANNETTE - thanks for starting us off. Flooding in Port Street - lower than town centre and we are higher still at the "top" end of Annan. RSPB Mersehead had to ask people to stay away due to flooding on access roads.

    DIANE - Sounds like you had a year's weather in the last three days - hope you are still okay!

    LINDA - hope you both rested today. EDIT - I see you went out after all - sleep well tonight!

    HEATHER - hard to remember Callum's age, as he was a young teenager when you first mentioned him.

    Thanks Linda and Annette for mentioning DIBNLIB's post.

    DIBNLIB - thanks for good wishes for J. This is the eye op which has taken three years! The surgeon who had left for a post in Newcastle is back part-time to try to clear the backlog for his specialism, which is why the op (general anaesthetic but day case) is on Saturday.

    OH was working in the greenhouse this morning - and even clearing some dead stuff outside this afternoon. J walked down to Tesco. I had a lazy day with back-ache! Feeling better this evening. I think tomorrow is a routine day, and with another severe weather warning for high winds. Stay safe, everyone!
  • In reply to Diane in Indiana:

    Annette - thanks for starting this weeks blog. Hope all OK with you.

    Diane - You've been getting it all. They say windy and wet weather are on their way here. Probably the aftermath of your storms.. Stay safe and warm.

    Hi Lindybird - heavy rain overnight down here but its been a day of sunshine and wind although it did die down.

    OG - hope J's op goes well for him . Take care yourselves.

    Had another bought of dizziness and sickness on Saturday so couldn't eat much therefore felt a little weak today so have rested. This is the third time it has happened so have managed to book an appointment on line for Tuesday pm to try and get to the bottom of things. Hopefully its nothing to worry about.

    HeatherB - hope it all works out for your son, it has to happen some time.


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