Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 29 December 2019


Photo: Aurora Borealis
U.S. Geological Survey: Labeled Public Domain (Copyright Free)

  • Diane: Thank you!  A new decade?  So soon?  

  • DIANE – Thank you for a bright start to the week. I hope you are not too freezy! A Happy New Year to you and everyone who reads these chatter pages.

    I have been lurking while I hibernate in the heat. Nights too hot to sleep. No relief until Tuesday. Our meals are variations of turkey roll or mini ham slices with salad. Tonight I shall try macaroni cheese & tomato laced with ham. We survived outing to Dau#1 – she had a/c fighting the 42 C. I caught up with extended family’s holiday plans (our school hols last until end of January). The youngest g-niece at 2½ was a little shy, not surprising as we haven’t seen her since last ꭓmas.

  • Snap! Hello there ANNETTE
  • Hello and Good Morning, All! Many thanks to Diane for starting us off in the week where we say Goodbye to this year, and Hello to the new one, including a new decade. Wonder what it may bring?

    Still dark here, and cold but not freezing. Supposed to be quite a mild, dry week this week. Thinking of you in that heat, AQ. I don't know what I'd want to eat.

    We are spending this morning dusting & hoovering, then we're off to sis in law Sue's for a family lunch which includes members of my OHs family not seen for a while.

  • I've been left home alone while the family go for a bracing walk. And it will be bracing, we have high winds here!
    Bella has become a wonderfully obedient and charming child ( 'You are the best Nana in the world') Millie is into everything but in a cute and non destructive way. Well, so far.....
    Sam is quite the young man, very polite and well mannered (' let me help you with that, Nana') I feel a bit shell shocked. But it is only day 1 :-)
  • PS I have not yet removed my rose tinted glasses !!!!!
  • Wonderful Heather. I have my granddaughter here. Also have my rose tinted specs on!
  • Morning all:

    Heather:  Geez.  And I thought I was the best Nana in the world.  :-)

    Lindybird: I can't keep up with your social schedule!

    Gardenbirder:  I checked the 'cougar' thread but don't see any additional info from Caleb.

    We had recently widowed friend over for dinner last night.  She was visiting her son's family over the holidays and for those two days I fed her 11-year-old cat, which is driving her crazy (and would me too) with its constant yowling. It even yowls in between bites of food.  It's under the care of a vet; has diabetes but that's controlled and also has meds for arthritis, but it seems to be more than that. We were speculating that the cat misses friend's husband, who was not very mobile the last two years and always had a ready lap for puss, but the yowling started some time before he died.  Now it seems almost neurotic. It follows her around all day. If she sits down to eat, it claws at her clothes and if she lets it up on her lap (which she did a couple of times), it immediately goes after her food.  I wonder if it has some chronic dietary deficiency...  Who knows.   Friend is beside herself with the situation and has reluctantly moved the cat's bed into the garage so she wouldn't be awakened every morning at 4. . The following around thing is also happening in Arizona, where granddaughter's ancient dog has started following everyone around and standing behind them, creating a tripping hazard.

    Cloudy here today and chilly by our standards.  

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette: Feline Cognitive Dysfunction (kitty dementia)?? If so, it can be treated with selegiline hydrochloride or maybe feline pheromone sprays.  See HERE .Scroll down to Treating Cognitive Dysfunction and also Excessive Vocalization. Also, see HERE

  • Diane:  Thank YOU (again!).  I'm forwarding those links to my friend.