'FORUM FRIENDS, WILDLIFE-FROM-WHEREVER' (Off-season, all cams off at Loch Garten)

  • Thanks Korky. I like this thread.

    I get occasional Osprey sightings on iNaturalist. Hope these post ok:

    From my birthplace and far far from Europe - an Osprey was spotted in late October in the Cape of all places!

    One was spotted in Mexico in early December


    Algeria (early December)


    Taiwan (late November)

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    Lisa K said:
    I get occasional Osprey sightings on iNaturalist.

    Great to see photos of osprey in places I'd never seen them before, thanks Lisa.

    The Czech squirrel is breakfasting

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  • What a lovely thread to have started, thank you Korky.

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018

  • Good evening New Zealand. Otago Peninsula, near Dunedin, South Island. OGK (banded Orange, Green, Black) a 21 year old male and YRK (banded Yellow, Red, Black) and 25 year old female. YRK laid the egg on 14 November 2019. Hatching should occur around the end of January, with fledging typically 8-9 months later.

    WOW! Long fledge time!! And see the site for more amazing facts about how the DOC staff help to protect the birds - sprinklers and peppermint oil!


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  • Thanks, Korky, that is fascinating--such a long time from laying to hatching and then months later, fledging. Compared to that, the Osprey season flies by. We met a couple at Birdfair in August and I believe it was at this place with the Albatrosses in New Zealand where they are volunteers.

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  • Good morning Florida. Harriet and M15's first egg is hatching


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    Harriet and M15's first egg is hatching


    It never occurred to me to post here - I'm contributing to a Facebook thread.

    When these cams were rearranged a few years ago I had the temerity to question the suitability of a straight-down view and was flamed for it - to my knowledge the decision has never been explained 

    Anyway, earlier I managed to capture possible chirps from the baby.  This is cropped from the 360 cam, as there's hardly any sound on the main cam - plus the IR was lost a couple of weeks ago :(