'FORUM FRIENDS, WILDLIFE-FROM-WHEREVER' (Off-season, all cams off at Loch Garten)

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    JillR said:
    All playing fine now!

    Thanks for testing, JILL - but they still won't play for me - I cleared cache.

    EDIT - It's only in Firefox that I've suddenly had this problem and it won't go away.

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    Daisy in the morning and she's still there as I type = 13:43 local time.

    Boreal Ontario


    The Redpolls are too well camouflaged:

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  • Ah, bless. lovely pic of Daisy and ladybird in disguise . Thanks Scylla
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    ©SeaEagleCAM Team Daisy Duck's progress

    She was doing so well but got scared off the nest by a Boobook owl in the night.  (I had prepared the day/evening before I knew about the night's development.)