WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey) SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2019

  • Morning all:  Glad everyone is okay after various unexpected topples here and there!  Hope things are more stable today.

    Diane:  I've got the Judiciary Committee hearing on TV but also popping in to NASA TV online for the launch - thanks for the heads up on that.

  • Annette - It was my Sister that went to France - she and her husband decided to comeback to UK this year as he has illness issues and she wanted to be near her son. Sad to say he is her last son still alive - Her middle son died in a car crash aged 21 and her eldest a few years ago aged 51 of kidney cancer. Although she is 11 years older than me we are very close and she was a great comfort to me when my Katie died. They still have the house in France and have just put it up for sale but the market there is very different to the UK and it will probably take a while to sell.

    OG - sorry to hear about your fall - must have been very frightening.

    Heather - I have a friend who is very dramatic and sound like the lady in the store. I do realise that some people feel pain more than others but that did sound OTT.

    Everyone else - stay safe and warm - or cold -  depending on where in this globe you are!

  • Harelady:  Ah so, but sad experiences for you both....  Does she live close to you now?   My UK family says the housing market is in a sort of Brexit limbo right now.   And I have a daughter who is very dramatic - enough said!  :-)

  • I awoke rather late once again, my OH had got ready to go out without waking me up. The bedroom was glowing red, even though the blinds were down. The above was taken as the redness was fading!

    Good Morning. I hope you sister can sell soon, and come back to the UK where you can be more supportive, Harelady.

    I've got a busy day ahead moving books & etc. Yesterday we went to sis in laws for a mince pie and a chat, and I took some bits & bobs for the Scouts jumble sale which she supports.
  • Lindy - What a beautiful picture! Thank you. We were very red and pink this morning but as I live in a bungalow I couldn't get a picture of the sky 'cos there are too many trees in the way! Very frosty here - I will probably need to scrape my windscreen before I go out shortly. But I do like this sort of crisp winter day.
  • OH is rushing about around me getting ready for cleaner coming, giving J a lift and then taking me for blood tests - needed to decide if I am safe to resume normal medication. I didn't go TV shopping yesterday - too rainy - so he chose and then phoned me for affirmation. I wish the wretched things would stop getting bigger all the time. Set up the TV last evening and all pleased with it (just fits where it belongs). DMR is no longer the same technology, so got what seems to be a universal gizmo - haven't connected it yet. Got Black Friday prices - ends today, so just in time! Didn't shop for that reason - TV pic was ghosting and layering.

    HARELADY - your Sister has had a sad life - glad she is nearer now and was helpful to you on the loss of your Daughter; I hope they soon sell the house in France.

    LINDA - very dramatic sky! Grey and drizzling here.
  • HARELADY - what a tragic coincidence that you and your sister both lost adult children but to have someone so close that could understand - as no one else can - is a blessing.
    OG - I don't have a ginormous TV here but the one in the sitting room is bigger than I would like. However, I'm not sorry, I organised it for my OH in the last year of his life, as he was spending more time at home and was very fond of watching TV.
    LINDY - good luck with the book moving! There are three bookcases here and there will never be more, so yes, I cull every so often. Having said that, up in the loft there is a tea chest with books that I just can't get rid of, Sunday School prizes given to my Mum about a hundred years ago and ditto of mine, together with old favourites from my childhood.
    ANNETTE- none of my children are dramatic but my darling granddaughter Amy more than makes up for that! She can be more than a little attention seeking...... 

  • DIANE - I keep forgetting to thank you for the explanation about the process of Impeachment that you gave us a week or two ago.
  • Shame it's been too rainy for you to go out, OG. Hope you all enjoy the new TV. When we changed to this one a couple of years ago, I said that it was the biggest which would fit in the corner of the room, which is where it has to go. My OH always looks longingly at the even bigger ones, but I told him that if we had anything bigger, it would have to be mounted on the wall - that stopped all discussion as he says he never wants one wall mounted. Personally, I think it's a sensible option as it saves having to have a piece of furniture specifically for it.

    Anyway, our sitting room is tiny, so anything bigger would look silly (I think this one is 42" diagonally across).

    It's turned rainy here since this morning's bright skies. My OH came home to find me knee deep in boxes of books and photo albums. Only done one wall so far, there is another bookcase with extra large books in it, mostly gardening and other reference books. Have taken photos of the furniture that's being thrown out as our Youngest might want it for in his shed or garage. He can decide if he needs them.