WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey) SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2019

  • How embarrassing some people can be, Heather. I expect the husband was used to her dramatics.

    Glad to hear that you're on the mend enough to go out, OG.

    How exciting about the photos from the loft, Harelady. You will enjoy finding some treasure amongst them.

    I got lots done this morning, then had a panic at the size of the queues when I wanted to pay in the supermarket, as I knew that my parking was running out of time! Eventually rushed out only three minutes over time, relieved that I'd not got a ticket. But then had an embarrassing couple of minutes scrabbling around, looking for my car keys.... Memo to Self: Don't throw your keys into your shopping bag instead of your handbag and then forget about them......
  • Kindy concert was outdoors, wind was chilly, children a delight. They sang 11 songs sitting cross legged on a stage under trees & shadecloth. Mostly action songs, ending with 1 verse of Jingle Bells (Ahem - isn’t that now un-pc even at this time of year?) Lots of giggling when Director cue-ed wrong track on music. A few shouts “Hello Daddy” or Mummy. After, MissJ took me by the hand and led me inside to show everything. MissL escorted me to the cake & afternoon tea. The twins found their “portfolio”, an inch thick record of their time at kindy with samples of their work & photos of them. I was looking at both folders at same time with each talking non-stop about the drawings, crafts & events represented. My head was like a tennis umpire’s acknowledging both! Only 3 more kindy days. Dau was a bit weepy at the thought. Me? I would be cheering.

    Dau was not happy with Sunday School. Children were told it was a time for Baby Jesus and getting presents. They could at least have stressed giving presents.

  • Heather:   Unfortunate about the apparent overreaction by that lady.  Who knows what goes on with people!

    Harelady: Who went to France 25 years ago - your parents?  Did they come back?

    Lindybird:  I was fumbling for my keys so often I bought a small leather thingy with a clip on one end that goes on the strap of my shoulder bag and a clip at the other end for keys. Then it took me weeks to remember to put the keys on it before I went toddling off.

    AQ:  Agree 'giving' more appropriate, especially for Sunday school.  Hope your neck didn't suffer any ill effects; also that you didn't inadvertently take any photos of that protesting parent's child.  :-)

    Talking of books, I've just finished reading Mafia Spies (about the Kennedys, the Mafia, Fidel Castro and various bizarre plots to assassinate the latter during the 1960s).   Also just finished A Single Thread, the latest from Tracy Chevalier, who wrote The Girl With the Pearl Earring.  I love her books; her topics are so unusual, her research is brilliant and her characters are so well drawn.

    OH and I are going to the movies this afternoon to see "The Good Liar," with Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen.

    EDIT:  We enjoyed the movie; lots of twists and turns.  Both actors are wonderful to watch

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette and Anyone Interested: There's a SpaceX launch to the International Space Station today--Wednesday, 4 December--from Cape Canaveral, Florida. NASA TV coverage of the launch begins at 12:30 p.m. in Indiana, so that's 9:30 a.m. in the morning in California and 5:30 p.m. in the evening in the U.K. The SpaceX webcast will begin 6 minutes later than the NASA TV broadcast. 



    Mission Information

  • Good Morning, dry and a bright sun again, here (but cold!).

    Have overslept, not for the 1st time recently. Fell asleep watching tv last night, too. It's the winter: I just want to hibernate in this weather.

    AQ - The Kindy Concert sounds delightful. How much they have both grown. I agree about the present giving/receiving. Possibly lots of children nowadays have no idea what Christmas is really about, given all the commercialisation of it.

    Annette - I tried to make a habit of throwing my keys into a certain part of my handbag, to be consistent, but now and then for some reason, I ignore myself! I've also got to that annoying stage where I say to my OH "There were three important things I was going to say to you, but now I can only remember one of them!!"
  • Diane, thanks for the heads up about the Space Launch. Every time I hear the words "Cape Canaveral" memories flood back of all the exciting launches years ago.
  • Wednesday already! Just sent Ch cards overseas, plus the granddaughters as I am not sure which addresses they will be at nearer Christmas. I managed the big food shop in M&S yesterday, but decided to keep today’s trip short, so postponed garden centre and country store to next week, and we shall just go to choose new television and compatible DMR this afternoon. J’s timetable has changed yet again due to specific needs in the department, so he has just set off – with a lift as OH has received an expenses cheque to go in the bank.

    Door bell rang. Opened the door to two ladies of a particular religious persuasion – fell backwards and sideways opening the door and banged my back on the radiator! One was visibly shaken (looked ready to run), the other stepped inside and made sure I was still on my feet.

    Quick look at yesterday.

    HEATHER - strange experience at the store yesterday – but I do know that I over-react if I think I am hurt, so maybe your trolley did inadvertently touch her. For some people a slight touch feels much more like pain.

    AQ – Kindy concert sounds very enjoyable, and the twins very enthusiastic about all they have been doing and learning there.

    WHOEVER-SAID-IT – I wasn’t really brave to go to M&S – it was the big out of town Food Hall, not the huge store in the city! We found all we actually needed and bought some goodies to freeze for Christmas. It was good to be out for a while – I could even say I enjoyed it, despite having to use a few miles of M-way as the B route was closed due to a vehicle having gone through the fence from the M6. I was very tired, and expected a good night’s sleep, but coughed right the way through.
  • OG - I know about pain thresholds, fright and so on but this was so over the top - maybe her husband was embarrassed! His absolute non reaction said a lot to me, though. Maybe her behaviour was for his benefit! Anyway, she trotted off shortly afterwards leaving me and the two shop assistants quite bemused. I was quite shaken myself, afterwards, came over all shivery and felt nauseous. Anyway it is all over, now!

  • Sorry the event upset you so much, Heather. Hope you're OK now.

    OG, you've been busy. Good idea to freeze a few treats - we do that, things such as their delicious 'pigs in blankets' and one or two desserts come in handy. I also leave a space in the freezer so that nearer the time I can put in some fresh bread and rolls. That way, we often don't need any food for about a week and can avoid the busy shops!

    Sorry you had a bad night, coughing - that's so tiring.
  • And your doorbell shock -- unfortunate that you fell backwards. Hope it's not left you bruised. At least the woman made sure you were OK.