WEEKLY CHAT (Non-Osprey) Sunday, November 3, 2019

  • Very Best wishes to OG,EE & J  for a speedy recovery - and I second Diane's concerns and what a kind thing to put all the links on her post. That is what I so like about this Group - so caring.

    My family have all had the sickness bug - both families have school/nursery age children, but it really affected the adults as well and was not pleasant.

    Ive escaped - so far - but now have a very painful lower back. I got up at 5 today as it was too painful to lay in bed and will pick up some ibuprofen on way to work today.

    Commiserations to all those in the North who have been hit or affected by the flooding  it was relentless.

    Have a good Friday and a peaceful weekend all.

  • I hope that OG and her 'boys' are feeling better this morning. Haggis pies or norovirus, yes, I wonder. J's confusion is of some concern - I can only echo what has already been said by friends here. Thinking about you three x
  • Good Morning. Dry here at last, after torrential rain for nearly two days and nights. Awful stories about the other side of the country, with floods in many parts of Yorkshire.

    Do hope that OG and family have had a good night, and are now recovering.

  • It is snowing here, but not heavily.
    Yes, I heard the reports about the flooding up north. Not good.
  • Snow! Heather, it must be winter, now then. :-(

  • Hello, ALL and thanks for advice and good wishes. Everyone is feeling somewhat better today. I think J's confusion was largely due to having been confused in the hospital where overnight observation meant nothing more than looking at him and repeatedly trying for the blood samples - he was not nursed! That hospital very much disappointed me - rather than perpetually adding new wings which look good from outside, I would say they should demolish some of the middle core of old buildings and start again. Accessible "facilities" are totally sub-standard.

    I guess the journey home knocked him back somewhat too, but today he definitely knows who and where he is and what is going on around him. I haven't told him yet that I received two messages from relatives letting me know that my eldest cousin died last Saturday from cancer originally caused by heavy smoking and spreading over the last few years. There is no way I can go down to Kent for the funeral.

    Good news which I forgot to share yesterday: we let the oven people know that we were back early and they told the insurers the required part was obsolete, so a brand new oven is due to arrive before lunch today! OH has spent much of the morning following its journey on his 'phone.
  • OG - what happened to the Nurse Patient Relationship? And 'greet the patient by name, ask how they are feeling, explain the procedure and reassure them' ?
  • I find it shocking, too, OG. Whatever happened to 'caring'?

    Glad you're all on the road to recovery, and what good news that they're happy to replace your oven! But my condolences on the loss of your cousin, a shame that you won't be able to attend.

    It's been very sunny here and I've been off to nearby large town, to find a shop where I could buy a gift card for our d in.laws birthday next week. Was quite shocked there to see how grubby the streets were, and one pile of rubbish in a corner turned out to be a man asleep in the street. He was quite young, too, so I suppose a drug problem.

    Then I had an adventure on the way home, as I had to negotiate all the right lanes in the road for a new bypass which I'm not familiar with - thankfully I coped with it!

    EDIT:   and I got the gift card alright.

  • Morning all:  Just can't believe the rainfall in the UK.  It NEVER happened so regularly - if at all! - when I was growing up.  As I've said before, I remember the King's Lynn flooding of the late '50s...

    OG: Good to hear things are somewhat better, but I think that "vocations" like nursing and teaching have disappeared somewhat.  When my sister was hospitalized, my niece said that she'd show up at the nurses' station where she'd be ignored until she spoke up because they were all glued to their computers.  I had the same experience here quite a few years back.  Sometimes I think they take a bet on who'll ignore family members the longest.   I'm not being fair to most nurses I'm sure. Still.....   Wonderful that you're getting a new oven. Is this the same brand, etc., as the old one?

    Lindybird:  Many of our homeless are veterans and folks with drug issues, but a large percentage have mental health problems so they're self-medicating (due to abysmal levels of care and funding for mental health).  

    AQ: Just looking at BBC and reading about 'unprecedented' number of bush fires in NSW.  Sounds - and looks - so familiar.  And you've just got summer coming on....

    Well, after that uplifting post (not) I'm going to go and sort out some breakfast.

  • Yes, ANNETTE - another Neff oven, but got to learn all the functions - could say bells and whistles, would be enough for me! OH assured me he was perfectly capable of installing - higher amps than previous so it has to be wired in. He hadn't got it done an hour after dinner time so I sent him for sausage and chips (J's choice) and we can cook today's meal tomorrow. OH is continuing to fight the oven now.

    J didn't eat his sausage and chips - he has now convinced himself he can't eat, complains of belly ache so I tell him it's because it is empty - and then he vomits again. I am wondering if he is losing much of his medications - especially the anti-epilepsy drug. GP's practice pharmacist is going to phone him on Monday morning, then GP will do a phone consultation in the afternoon.

    I seem to have got rid of the bug, but this horrible cough continues day and night as before. If I hadn't thrown away OH's old "sick jumper" I think he would be wearing it now and sipping LUCOZADE! It was an old red cardigan my mother knitted for him about thirty years ago, and it only came our, always with a bottle of the dreaded orange fizzy stuff, whenever he felt ill! Used to make me feel ill just to see it appear!

    As you can see, I am not a very patient carer!