Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 27 October 2019


The new moon (the dark moon) is Sunday. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

  • Hallo all - with special thanks to Diane for starting us off again.  Diane, looks like you have some stormy weather heading your way (as do many in the UK).  Much cooler here for our area today.

    Very slow day here with more of the same planned tomorrow.

    Take care everyone.

  • Thanks DIANE for starting us again.

    HEATHER – I think our council only lets neighbours know if new building is on boundary. We knew nothing about Next doors’ extension until it happened. Yet Mr Across-the-road did let us know of his plans for a large carport – that only affects our eyesight LOL.

    As for Ayers Rock aka Uluru, some 400 climbers were already waiting at dawn on last day, but no climbing was allowed for 3 hours due to strong winds at summit. It must have been unpleasantly crowded on the path all day. I don’t have a problem with people wanting to climb. After all, tourists climb St Paul’s Cathedral (I didn’t due to dodgy knees) and it could be considered a sacred site to some. On Eyre Peninsula we saw Mount Wudinna, the 2nd largest monolith in Aussieland. It is 260 metres high, covers 112 hectares, while Uluru is 348 m high, 3.6 km x 2 km, covers 333 hectares. Latter’s size seems to vary depending which link one reads! This is as close as our bus went.

    I zoomed for this view.

    I drove home from church the long way to inspect vacant block behind us. Partway along one side fence is a rather small swimming pool, enclosed by metal fence. It looked forlorn. At least it is not alongside our back fence (selfishly thinking of squeals & laughter).

  • Thanks to Diane for starting us off again: can't talk now, dashing off on our family visit. Less grumpy today!

  • LINDY Enjoy your family get together
  • Morning all:  Just chatted with UK sister and BiL but why are telecommunications -landline/cell phones etc becoming so spotty.?  We never had non-rings/people who couldn't hear you/broken sentences, etc in the - ahem - old days when you had to call the overseas operator in advance to make an international call.  Grump, grump.

    AQ;  I suspect the old churches/cathedrals are fine with people climbing around them because they can charge for the privilege and they need the funds for all those endless repairs.  Also suspect the reason that Native peoples are so sensitive is that the "conquering" cultures have never really respected the traditions, etc. of the folks they displaced.  Those lines at Uluru remind me of the hundreds of 'explorers' lined up on Mt. Everest.  Would seem to defeat the purpose, but what do I know....

    Lindybird: Hope the day went well - congrats on rustling up the sausage rolls.

  • Thank you DIANE!
    A very quiet day here, weather not good enough for Callum to wash his car as he often does on Sundays. 

    ANNETTE - I agree about phone lines and phone signals. Sometimes the land line is very crackly.  And my WiFi drops from time to time these days.

  • Have had a super day with the family.

  • The birthday boy in his cuddly outfit - one of his presents from us.

  • Beautiful Little People, LINDA. I love the cuddly outfit. Erm, any saus rolls left? OH hasn’t decided if he is home for lunch; I am off to State Library for research this morn, so he can try yours instead of mine?

  • He's welcome, AQ! We saved the wonky looking ones for ourselves as I made way too many. Also a big slice of the choc cheesecake has survived & we brought it home with us as sons family have leftover scones and b'day cake to get through.

    Pleased to say that the cheesecake was a great success - I've not made it before but it was yummy. A Mary Berry recipe.