Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 13 October 2019


Sunday the 13th is the full Hunter's Moon. It occurs just a few days after reaching apogee, the farthest point in the moon's orbit from earth. So, this will be "smallest" full moon of the year 2019. However, because of the point and direction that it will rise, some sources said that it will appear large and orange!

Everyone have a wonderful week. My area had its first frost of the season last night!

  • Hallo all: And THANKS AGAIN TO DIANE!

    Diane: It was pretty cool here the night before last and my daughter was saying that it's time to put the blankets on the horses at night..

    Finally bought a plant (Westringia) I've been meaning to get for the last two years: It'll join three others that (almost) provide privacy from the street. One end of the hedge is more than 5 foot high but the other is only about 3 ft, having been planted too far from the walkway. Instead of privacy, it allows a view of the incredibly poorly kept up garden of the house across the road. The new plant will take a while to fill in the view - I'll have to give it lots of encouragement.

    Have a good Sunday all.
  • Good Morning. Thanks to Diane, once again, for doing sterling work in starting us off once more.

    Annette:  I'll try to give your new plant encouragement, from way over here!

    Damp and drizzly here. Bought a whole lot of presents for the grandchildren this week: it's Matthews birthday soon and Chr****as is apparently around the corner. They arrived yesterday in several parcels, some of which were over packed which seems so wasteful.

  • DIANE - thanks once again for the new week and moon news.

    ANNETTE - I hope your plant will be feeling encouraged by the care you lavish on your garden.

    LINDA - Overnight rain, but wet forecast has reduced somewhat- but too late for me to change my mind and go to church. OH finished that particular veg patch yesterday; haven't pulled up the beans yet as they have gone on producing intermittently - we seem to have more of them in the freezer than ever before! Haven't bought any Ch. presents yet - will probably send clothes for GGKids after toys for their birthdays. GKids don't get anything now they are all adults - can you tell, I am into Baa-Humbug mood right now?
  • OG - I'll join you in the Bah-Humbug corner! I am now having to prepare my diary up to the end of February next year ... and it does nothing to put me in the right mood! This year everyone gets things I bought back from my cruise at the start of the year, so hopefully don't have to think about presents. I think I might just write off 2019 as a long holiday followed by recovery time, and start again with 2020

    It's been pouring with rain all morning here, but the sun is making a feeble attempt to make an appearance now.! And a pretty little blue tit has just ventured out for a late breakfast on my feeder.
  • ANNETTE – In World War I about 2/3 died in battle, 1/3 of deaths were due to disease (typhoid, flu, etc). Flu epidemic of 1918 – “It is estimated that about 500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus. The number of deaths was estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide.”

    Pildappa Rock stretches for about 100 metres and is about 10 metres high. More rock formations when I get time. (ha ha ha)

    Good trip yesterday. Windy in Ardrossan, misty sprinkle in Curramulka, light rain in Minlaton, rain in Stansbury, sprinkle in Pt Vincent. Officially Minlaton had 5 mm. Nevertheless I managed 200 photos.

  • Pleased to hear that you had a good trip, AQ.

    Bought some clothes this morning for the g'children. Every year I buy them a Christmas sweater each, which of course in the boys case means that the younger, Matthew, inherits the ones which don't fit his older brother and so he has several! (There are four years between them) Last year I bought a dress for Amber.

    I also took back one pair of trousers which I bought in M&S the other day: they were meant to be "short length" but were on the ground when I tried them on. Today I bought two more pairs, one pair were tight but the right length, the other pair fit perfectly but were too long, again. Bah! All three pairs supposed to be the same size and length. I'm going to cut down the long pair rather than take them back. May keep the other pair hoping to fit into them better if I don't eat for a month......

    My OH went crazy and bought both a pair of slippers and a pair of deck shoes. He hates buying shoes but it's the one thing he can't get me to go out for, for him!

  • Diane - Thank you for starting the week and Hunter's moon info. Yes, it did appear large when it rose. Quite impressive, but it was soon covered by cloud. It now looks small (when visible )
  • I just came back on to say, we can see the moon now we're going to bed: it's very bright and is a bit small. Odd! (But it's not orange!)

  • Diane: Noticed the moon was bright last night and will be looking for it tonight.

    AQ:  Of course, the flu epidemic of 1918 - I didn't connect the dots.....   Thanks for the rock info!

    Took out an old lavender today that I've been trying to save for the last two years.  Not sure what I'll replace it with - for sure something that will thrive on neglect..

  • ANNETTE - I know what thrives on neglect - weeds.LOLOL.