Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 6 October 2019

  • Sounds good, OG. We had that type of delivery for all our years here, as there's local dairy which brings local milk to your door. We gave up having them last year, though, as it became difficult to predict when we were going to be here since we began hurtling off to Wales at short notice.

    Been to the cinema with Sue and a friend of hers: we saw "Judy" which is about the life of Judy Garland, starring Renee Zellweger. A sterling performance from Renee, including her singing which was a revelation. She ought to be in line for an Oscar for this, or I'll eat my hat! All three of us came out using our handkerchiefs, as it was of course very sad, and not just the ending.

  • Lindy - I had intended going to see "Judy", but maybe I won't if I need a handkerchief on the way out!

    We saw "Don Giovanni" last night at our local cinema. (the first of this season's live screenings) I thought it was terrific, but OH does not share my love of opera, but will accompany me once a year! He prefers ballet. We will go to see "Coppelia" in December. We do not go to the theatre in town now, as the live screening are so much easier, now we are not so young.
    I also miss the milk delivery. It is great when you have a family, but we do not drink enough now to make it worthwhile.
    I am not sure there is one around here, anyway. I have not seen a milk float for ages.
  • In reply to Diane in Indiana:

    That's great to know, Diane. Hope its behaving itself now!!

    Sounds as though the sun loving plants are getting too much sun, Annette. Or maybe they just don' t like where they have been planted!!

    I gewt sick and tired of all the prevarications going on with you know what. I'd love to bang their heads together.

    OG - use to have milk delivered years ago when we first moved here but stopped it. Perhaps should have carried on.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Hi, everyone.

    Annette: I realize that you're not in the northern California region where the widespread, preventive power outages are occurring. However, my NPR radio station said this morning that PG&E is considering shutting off the power in the central coast area. So, I checked the L.A. Times, and they said that Southern California Edison is now debating whether to cut the power to southern California, including Los Angeles.

    I didn't see Santa Barbara listed, but that sounds like you could be facing a blackout, too? Dang, I hope not! I read that the power could be out for a week. I'm thinking of you and hope that you won't be in the affected regions. Take care, A. 

    *For those who don't know: Most of California is now under a weather system that poses an extreme risk for wildfires. The power companies are shutting off the electricity, deliberately initiating blackouts, so that their equipment and infrastructure will not ignite fires. 

  • Diane: Southern California's Santa Ana winds, which prompt the power shutoffs, are forecast to hit Ventura and LA counties - but our turn will come one day I'm sure.   Meanwhile, we have been getting all kinds of "be prepared" leaflets from the city,  SCE, etc.  We already keep up with stocks of canned food, water, batteries, propane (for the BBQ), etc., due to the possibility of earthquakes.  

    Lynette:  I'm waiting for someone to step in front of a camera (as Gerald Ford did after Nixon resigned) to tell us "...our long national nightmare is over."  Don't know about your national nightmare.  I tend to keep up with Brexit developments if only because Trump isn't involved.  :-)    I think our sun-loving plants just don't like their location; we'll see how the Tecoma fares now it's been relocated.

    OG: Love the idea of fresh milk delivered in glass bottles.  Will the milk float rattle as it comes down the street as in the old days?   Too bad there'll probably be no horse attached.  

    Probably won't go to see Judy, as I never was a big fan of Judy Garland or her daughter Liza Minelli.  I've thought about going to see the "live" opera performances on screen, but haven't got around to it yet....  They're put on by the Metropolitan Opera in New York and spectacular I'm sure.

    Hummingbirds are back at the feeders even though the salvia is still blooming.  Maybe the quality of natural pollen drops throughout the year?  

    Take care all.

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Glad to hear you're safe, Annette!
  • OG - we have done the same. We start in a weeks time. I am told it is pasteurised but not homogenised, looking forward to the cream on too!
  • Good Morning. Only surfaced half an hour ago, was really tired last night. We've had an ongoing financial headache for several months now, but there is now light at the end of the tunnel at last, thank goodness. My OH has been stressed over it and I've been trying to jolly him along as its not something which will impact on our lifestyle, it's only releasing some cash which we hope to enjoy now that we've reached this stage of life: "spending the kids inheritance!" as its popular to say nowadays! This week we might finally get somewhere with it.

    Hope everyone enjoys their milk!

    The sun is shining, here, and shows up the dust on my windowsill wonderfully......

  • Don't expect to see the milk float (more likely a van) as delivery will be at about three in the morning!
  • I remember those days, milkman calling for his money every Monday! I use no milk except when needed for a béchamel or cheese sauce. Then have to remember to buy it!

    I've had worse nights than usual lately, two hours sleep last night and to cap it all, the smoke alarm battery upstairs is still beeping from time to time to tell me that it need a new battery. I spoke rather sternly to it, in the wee small hours today. I can't reach it, must wait for a son in law or a grandson to appear.